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I was having problems training my puppy to not go to the bathroom in the house when I left her alone. When she was about to turn 2, was at my wits end, I didn’t know how to stop her and I had tried all other conventional training methods. I had dog trainers completely baffled as to how to stop my dog from going in the house or in her kennel. I was referred to Christine by a client of mine and after two sessions I had begun to see results and after the forth I knew it was working. Now after 5 sessions I have very few accidents within the house. And it is only a matter of time before I don’t have to worry at all ever again. Not only did Christine help me she allowed me to better understand my dogs and how they interact with each other and, how they viewed me. I now have happier dogs and enjoy coming home to a clean house.

Thank-you Christine

All our love

Lisa Dana Maci and Buddy


We have had Christine Kowal work with us and our dog Ginger for 3 visits. In this time we have learned to communicate with Ginger in a non- threatening way and she has become the well behaved dog we have always wanted.

We are very satisfied with the results of the training and feel very comfortable recommending Christine to anyone having behavior problems with their pet.

Paul Schuster


Sappho says “meow” back to you!  She is doing so well, I can’t believe it.  She is no longer waking us up at night mostly she spends

the night in her bed in the guest room and she is so quiet. She even waits until our alarm goes off before she starts to chat to us in the morning!!  I can’t believe the difference.

Thanks again, you were a great help!




I would like to begin with a profound thank you to Christine. Our lives have changed in a very meaningful way because our Cali no longer goes to the bathroom in the house. She has become more stable and more accepting of

the needs of the family. We are all a great deal more comfortable in our life together.

Ms. Cali had been driving us crazy by continuously peeing on the living room carpet she was making life a living hell for us.

We tried every known chemical, every apparatus and every form of “gentle to harsh” handling that we could muster, but simply to no avail. Thanks to Christine Cali now uses her litter box on a full time basis!

We recommend the insightful services of Christine Kowal.

Thanks again to Christine


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