I Dedicate This To My Mentor

I dedicate this newsletter to Lois Craig. Who fills the space and those around her with peace and grace. Love and Light

The Sheep 

And on a Somewhat lighter note, The Sheep During The Holidays.

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Holidays 

In whatever way you choose to celebrate and bring Peace, Love and Light to You and Yours.

I was speaking with a friend today and we were talking about the world and the anxiety that can happen as things are moving and changing and shifting.

There is good and their is bad. In this world I can choose good or I can choose bad. That’s it. They’re may be a myriad of choices I can make but they all come down to good or bad. Conscious, in alignment with God, my higher power, I can feel the rightness in my body the Holy Spirit, within me when I choose good, God, Light, Love, Consciousness, your word. And I can feel the umpf in my body when I choose from fear (or as my friend said from downstairs) i.e. satan, negativity, darkness, your word.

I will lose that fear as I learn to live in the now and listen only to the Holy spirit, God, Light, Love, Universe, Creator, Consciousness, your word from within. 

And so what we were talking about is when we wake up at three or four am or whatever time and our minds are in that over thinking worried state. The guy downstairs has gotten a hold of them. I turn on the light and read the Bible, then I do an Eckhart Tolle meditation to put me back to sleep. Or sometimes I listen to a sermon by Pastor Brian Martin from Discovery Community Church. Those are the places I go for Peace Grace and Truth.

I am working right now, in this moment being and having Absolute and Complete Faith in God. Your Word.

For me, And it being Christmas, Jesus’s Birthday
When Jesus left the earth he left the Kingdom of Heaven Within me, the Holy Spirit
God how can I be used?

Use Your Own Words, Do Good.

Thank you Lois for showing all of us that know you what that looks like.

Just a little house keeping. This is the final newsletter of 2021. And then the emails in 2022 will be the first week and the third week of every month. As I take some time to create some offerings.

It’s very hard to get both Caleb and Shannon in the same photo with me outside. If they’re to close together with me, it means it’s play time. 

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year from Me and Mine to You and Yours
Love and Light

Christine Kowal And The Animals

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“Her Spirit Returned And At Once She Stood Up”

‘Star And Leo Having A Glass Of Milk’ 36″ x 48″ OilPaint on canvas

Leo left June 2020. It seems like he was just here and it seems like I’ve been talking to him in the sky forever. Star has returned to us as Shannon, the beautiful blond young lady in the forefront. Tanya has returned as Caleb that handsome young fellow with the fooffy tail. 

Shannon And Caleb photographed by their mama Christine Kowal

I’m going to start with Christian words but use your own words or language. When Jesus left the earth he left the Kingdom of Heaven within us, the holy spirit. 

“Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed”

“Her spirit returned and at once she stood up”
Luke 8.55

God, Spirit, Love And Light, Creator, Consciousness your word is who we are. 

That which created us created everything and is at the centre of our being. When someone takes their last breath the physical body dies. The Breath leaves the body. The breath is life, is forever, is who we are, is spirit. And it goes home to God or you can say consciousness, your word. The Creator of all things does not die. That part of us that leaves the body and is who we truly are does not die.

Star’s breath left her body and her physical body died. Her spirit went home to God, Consciousness, your word, and God sent her back as Shannon. And sent me a message to go and get her.

I woke up one morning with the message or you can say thought, truth or understanding to give Martha a call and see if any puppies were coming. It turns out the puppies were here and the evening I went to choose my puppy I was standing in front of them, they were all bundled together and playing. 

I new I’d know. A sign was coming. They were all so cute, still no sign. Could I have been wrong. No God had been very clear that I was to have one of these puppies. 

‘Shannon Chose Me’ mixed media on paper By her human mama Christine Kowal

As I stood there wondering and asking God, my inner knowing, the all knowing inside of me to please make it very clear which one was my puppy. From beneath the pile of puppies up rose a beautiful white little puppy. She’d been buried underneath the pile playing on her own and then she rose up. There she was My Puppy. Thank you God

Let the mind go for a minute. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, then keep your eyes closed for a few moments and  feel that peace. That is who you are, where all your knowing comes from. 

Your centre is Spirit, God, Light, Love, Universe, Creator, Consciounsness, Your word

If you know someone whose Family is Animal or someone who is waiting for someone’s spirit to return
 please forward them this newsletter.

Love And Light
Christine And The Animals

Minou Was A Baby Kitten Again Dancing And Playing

‘Minou Sitting’ 5′ x 7′ Oil paint on canvas, Craven Road Fence Project – part of The Toronto City Beautification Project

One of the things about having Animals as Family is that they are filled with pure white light and they simply don’t live as long. But the part of them that goes home to God, the spirit, God sends back to us when we are ready. 

This is how God explained it to me Life After Life  scroll down to the second picture. 

‘Orange Minou Sitting in An Orange Box in Our Orange House’ Mixed media on paper, By Christine Kowal

When Minou’s body died we were at the vet. She was 24 years old and her body had grown sick and tired. I new she was just waiting for me to be ready. She couldn’t walk down the hall without leaning on it.

I asked her if she wanted to go and she said if I was ready. So I made the appointment for the next morning. She went out that afternoon and said good bye to all of her friends in the neighbourhood. 

Minou sitting on my Paintings 

As her second shot was administered and her spirit left her body
, I closed my eyes. You don’t always have to but it really helps to see what can be seen with your own spirit. 

In the top right hand corner of the room I could see her spirit as a baby kitten jumping and dancing and playing all love and light. She was playing this game she used to play with Roland many years ago when she was very young and they both loved it. 

Love And Light
Christine and The Animals

Don’t forget to have a look at how God sends the spirit of our  Animals back to us when we are ready. 

Life After Life Scroll down to the second picture.