We Begin Now

Welcome back Everybody. It’s good to be here. This is a photograph Shannon and me, really a bit rare, she doesn’t like being photographed. Shannon’s spirit came from Star, came from Tara and where ever else God, your word, had her spark of God, Creation, Your word. Tara and Star hated being photographed as well.

2022 I’m here, we’re still in a pandemic and the world has changed. I’ve changed. We’ve all been through a lot. And as I do my work, I’m going to call it, the work, because it is making me able to breathe again, able to take next steps forward to live my life from a place of peace. (Still working on it)And for me that’s what this pandemic is all about. I don’t think I’ve said this before here but I had Covid and now I have Post Covid so I am going to be telling my story and how I got here from there, Ill be doing there using another platform. I’ll let you know when I’ve got it figured out.

Because I could not have made it through without the Lord, God, Your word. And I’ve had to make a lot of changes in my life in order to keep going. I’ve had wonderful family and friends who have helped and been by my side. Thank you.

This  new world is one where we have to speak our truth. Do what God, Holy Spirit, Your Word, guides us to do from within. Use the Power, God, Light, Love Universe, Creator, Consciousness from within. Don’t look outside yourself or think it through. Our minds are filled with poison and need to be realigned and in service to our centre, the God within, the Holy Spirit, Consciousness, your word. 

When God left the Earth he left the Kingdom of Heaven/God within us. Let your mind be of service to you, the real you, the part of you that is creation. 

This is the new world right now right here. 

Here is how I am learning to find the God within by going into my body and feeling for my centre, my essence, God within. To feel that power and to operate from it.

From that place I speak only the truth, I am not afraid, I do not try to manipulate others so that I can have my way. There is no need, my way is so clear and so easy and so beautiful when I can be and come from that place. And that is the work. Learning how to live from within, from my essence every moment of my life.

I Studied Fine Art In Venice Italy

Eckhart Tolle puts in this way. Lets say you are a little wave on the ocean. As an analogy God, your word, is the ocean. 

If you are a wave and you perceive yourself as separate from the ocean. The ocean is big and scary and you have to create all kinds of ways in your mind to fight with and keep yourself alive and safe from and in the ocean. 

If on the other hand as a wave you understand that you are a part of the ocean then you are not frightened, instead you are a  part of something great, and beautiful, you are part of the whole.

This is Tara, Fire, in the middle and Tanya on the right from many years ago.

Love and Light Stay Strong because you are God, Light, Love, Universe, Holy Spirit, Consciousness, Your word, at your core.

Christine and The Animals