Snow Macaque Monkey


Power of Snow Macaque Monkey

Wise Wise Oh Wise One, Monkey

The Monkey is a highly keen observer. Do not think they don’t understand or that they are acting irrationally. The wise monkey always watches.

The wise monkey is reacting not to what you are showing on the outside/surface. But actually wise monkey is responding to what is in your heart, and understanding, if your actions are inspired from love or fear. You can’t fool the wise monkey and wise monkey is not always easy to understand.

We see, believe and understand what wise monkey wants us to. Wise monkey tends to live life his or her own way. Enjoying life and understanding others’ truths and knowing how to manipulate in order to have their own wishes met.

Monkey would rather not engage with someone who does not respect them and they will work at creating a bad or crazy impression to get the disrespectful one away from them. A monkey sees all and shows only what they want the other to feel.

Monkey is wise and powerful medicine

Persistence and patience are virtues, although to anyone operating from a place of disrespect for the wise monkey, they will never understand monkey’s wisdom and monkey will always manage to get what they want from them.

We Love you wise monkey and thank you for your Power.