Power Animals


We Are Solidarity We Are Family

I Am Strength I Am Knowing 

I Am Peace I Stand as One With My Brother’s And Sisters

The Sheep

Strategic Gentle and Loving Lamb of The Earth.

 Thow is much wiser and much sharper in the ways of the world.

Than man doth give you credit for. You care for your young. You care for your flock and care for all that you love across the species. Sheep so often mistaken for being followers are actually creating strong Community.

And they will exclude those who they feel are weak and cannot fend for themselves for they feel they will be a possible week link and lead to the destruction of the whole.

Possibly as the homeless are treated on the street in human communities. With a large and every growing population in the big cities.

We are all loved and we are all loveable and worthy. We live primarily a gentle life and our goal is forwarding the family, which means paying attention to and being finely attuned to the love, power and nuances of the community. If your love and power is sheep today or in this moment then family, community and belonging, being part of the whole is strong for you today or in this project you are working on or in your life.

You are a strong and powerful creator. In your family, home, work or and community do not be afraid to shine and do not be afraid to do as others do.

Simply be yourself.

Love and Light  Ba Ba Ba Ba

               American Eskimoe

Loyal Gentle Warrior


Power of American Eskimo

Loyal Gentle Warrior

The Dog Warrior. The Loyal American Eskimo is loyal to one. And will follow that one to the ends of the earth and protect them in any and all ways that are required.

If separated from their one with love they will grieve but move on fully. If separated through fear or violence be careful of what you do the American Eskimo does not forget and lives fully in the past, present and future.

And here in lies their incredible strategy and strength they live love and do life from a place of understanding all the directions. Highly Intelligent and Highly Intuitive.

They are unbearably and beautifully gentle with the innocent. The American Eskimo Medicine/Power makes for Great teachers, gentle and aggressive, when needed, leaders as well as brilliant statesmen.

The American Eskimo is pure of heart, enjoys a good life filled with love and will always do what is needed. Love and Understanding is their first choice. However should they be forced into a difficult situation or action they will do what is required without hesitation.

If you have American Eskimo Medicine all is well and You will always be safe in all situations. You understand past, present and future. So you are always prepared, always safe and always ready to move forward in love.

American Eskimo Love Action Loyalty And What Ever It Takes.

Love And Light Leo

Snow Macaque Monkey

A Snow Macaque Monkey


Power of Snow Macaque Monkey

Wise Wise Oh Wise One, Monkey

The Monkey is a highly keen observer. Do not think they don’t understand or that they are acting irrationally. The wise monkey always watches.

The wise monkey is reacting not to what you are showing on the outside/surface. But actually wise monkey is responding to what is in your heart, and understanding, if your actions are inspired from love or fear. You can’t fool the wise monkey and wise monkey is not always easy to understand.

We see, believe and understand what wise monkey wants us to. Wise monkey tends to live life his or her own way. Enjoying life and understanding others’ truths and knowing how to manipulate in order to have their own wishes met.

Monkey would rather not engage with someone who does not respect them and they will work at creating a bad or crazy impression to get the disrespectful one away from them. A monkey sees all and shows only what they want the other to feel.

Monkey is wise and powerful medicine

Persistence and patience are virtues, although to anyone operating from a place of disrespect for the wise monkey, they will never understand monkey’s wisdom and monkey will always manage to get what they want from them.

We Love you wise monkey and thank you for your Power.

Thank you Boogie


I Am Wise, I Am Strong, I Am Unstoppable, Samson



Power of Lion

Lion Oh Wise Lion

King of Your Land Master of Your Universe

The wise and patient lion dominates his area, protects his pack and keeps everyone in line with his strength of will and strength of body. One swipe from lion can be the end. That is how lion is perceived as the king of the jungle.

However, for lion much of his/her power lies in knowing. Understanding when to watch, listen, see or be seen, when to walk away, when to be an ally or when to strike. A lions’ touch can be loving, can be a warning or can simply be to show you that he/she has the situation completely within their control. Even if it may not look that way.

Be assured if lion is your power at this particular time or in this particular project you are unstoppable. Once lion makes his decision the whole jungle is affected. Lions’ steps affect everyone around him/her. And lion sees all. For when lion is not in action in physical creation the lion is watching and strategizing.

A Lions’ roar is not like any other sound. You become part of the vibration.

Highly Intelligent and Highly intuitive. A power for good unless you have done wrong or it’s supper time and the cache is empty. Lion medicine is one of the most powerful way’s to do life. And lion always follows his own rules.

The only thing that lion consciously watches to avoid is the deceit of man/woman or a greedy and deceitful man/woman. However all seeing forever strategizing lion power Always wins one way or another.

Wise Wiley Beautiful Strong. King of the Jungle


Young Wolf


Power of Wolf

 Gentle Playful Loving Wolf True of Heart Knows Your Intentions And Will Treat You Accordingly

Oh wonderful gentle loving wolf please come and play with me. Be with me for I know how kind and caring you can be. How wolf can open his/her heart in such a grand and loving way that you of wolf medicine see each and every cranny of my soul and love me forever more.

If you have wolf medicine your heart is true and pure and forever loyal. When you meet a wolf head on you must speak your truth, be as genuine as you can for wolf sees inside your heart your truth, who you are as well as your intention.

If you mean wolf and his family any harm or bad intention best to go elsewhere wolves purity of heart gives him permission to hurt those whose intentions are evil or fearful to him and those he loves- those that wolf love are his/her family. Family for wolf does not have to be a blood relative or even of the same specie,  but rather someone who is true of heart and true to wolf.

Wolf has no prejudice or preconceived notion or judgment of another. He/she simply sees it as it is exactly.

Also wolf medicine can be very sneaky with no malicious intent. Wolf is simply very clear. I am wolf and this is who, what and why I am. Without explanation wolf simply does it his/her own way and if there is a problem with that wolf will simply circumvent circumstances to get what requires getting done for him/her by him/her the right and best way and with no malice unless wolf is not feeling well wolf is always on purpose this means that wolf is on purpose 99.9% or the time.

Wolf medicine is strong, healthy and hearty. If your power is wolf you are courageous and true of heart you protect your loved ones family friend alike and you are a strong supporter of your community.

Rules seem silly to you for your connection to your higher power keeps you on track and doing the best for yourself and others. The Power of Wolf makes strong and powerful leaders.

And at this time in our world we will be seeing pure wolf medicine take the helm to guide and lead us out of the old ways of corruption. Wolf power is enlightenment with some good fun and play thrown in. Love and Light is The Powerful wolf as Long as your Heart is true.

Black Bear

Jasper The Bear

Black Bear

Power of Black Bear

Gentle Caring and Ferocious

When Need Be

Jasper The Bear

Black Bear is strong and free. Black Bears greatest enemy is man. Black bear has great reign over his territory.

If you have the Power of Black Bear some may fear you. Black Bear needs to feed and the cubs/children need to be protected for they are vulnerable. But those who know black bear well respect him/her. And Actually Black Bear often prefers to eat berries and vegetation.

Those with Black bear Medicine take care of their own and after that they are fair and peaceful to those around them, their community and with those whom they interact.

Black bear is grateful for others like him that keep things within their territory in a good way. Those around Black bear are grateful for his/her presence. For the mere presence of Black Bear makes many feel safe and looked after, it keeps away others who would cause grief.

A Black bear will be heard should there be a problem.

If you have black bear medicine you can probably eat practically everything, as long as you stick to a good and healthy base diet. This is quite rare these days in our world where food sensitivities are the norm.

Black Bear The Gentle Giant. Perhaps it is her/his size that makes Black Bear Supreme and his/her Incredible Gentleness so unexpected or such a surprise but Gentle they are.

Gentle Leader of their Territory. Gentle Giant in many many ways. Loved by their collogues, family and friends by the majority.  Feared by those who hurt them. Treat Black bear poorly and get eaten, metaphorically. If you meet someone with Black Bear Medicine sit in your truth and be nice. They will respect you for it.