Why Cats Pee And Poo Outside Of Their Litter Box

I’m going to ask you to open your hearts and share this with anyone that you know that has a cat or is in anyway attached to a shelter or works with cats. I’m going to start the explanation and then at the end of the blog post I’m going to give you a link where you can go to listen to me explain the whole process.

‘Minou’ Oil Paint on Canvas, 24″ x 30″ by Christine Kowal

This is a painting of my cat Minou. She died at age 24 and did pee and poo outside of the litter box when she felt I wasn’t changing the litter box often enough. And she was most probably right. Who likes changing the litter box? But it’s got to be done.

She would also pee in the dog bowl if I wasn’t paying attention and the litter box got to messy for her. The dogs didn’t really mind, I always washed the bowls but it drove me nuts.

Well Start With How We Communicate With Our Animals

When we can get rid of the chatter in our head and feel or access the stillness within that underlies everything, now we are connected to God/Consciousness/ that which created everything and is a part of us, and is part of all living things.

This is the place the Animals and the Natural World live from. The Animals are my Greatest Teachers. That is because they live from that centre, that is their access point in all of their actions and understanding.

‘We Are All Connected And We Are One With God/Consciousness, Mixed media on paper, by Christine Kowal

And I’ll qualify that with when Animals live with humans and I include myself in this.

We want our Animals to act a certain way and that can cause them to digress because we give them no choice. But as a whole when we don’t stop them or teach them different behaviour, Animals always operate from the Love inside of them.

We were walking outside today on a trail. It was Beautiful.

One of the fastest ways to bring yourself back to that still place inside of you is to go for a walk on a trail. Don’t take any devices with you or if you do put them in your pocket.

Walking with your Animals in these places can help you understand the stillness.

Don’t drag them along or make them hurry. Stop and see what they are looking at, what kind of feeling are you getting from them? When you’re looking at them, did a picture or thought just pop into your head? That could be them sending you a message but you have to be in that quiet still place or you have to put yourself there, then you will get their messages.

Basically you have to stop thinking, still your mind, and beneath your thinking is where we all communicate from in truth and silence.

One Of The Main Reasons Cats End Up In Shelters and Are Euthanized Is For Peeing and Pooing Outside of Their Litter Box

‘My Spanish Cat’ Part of my Toronto Cat Series, mixed media on paper by Christine Kowal

One of the most disturbing things for me in the human/animal world is that the majority of cats taken to shelters for peeing and pooing outside of their litter box are eventually euthanized.

I had a client many years ago that I did a Family Pet Portrait for. The cat was at the vet and scheduled to be euthanized. I asked the woman some questions and it was very clear why the cat had started peeing outside of her litter box. It would have taken three to four weeks to resolve the problem.

The woman’s husband didn’t care, wasn’t interested. The very expensive rugs had just been cleaned and he didn’t want them soiled again.

So let’s make this an easy fix. Because it is.

‘Cat In The Window’ Part of my Toronto Cat Series, mixed media on paper, by Christine Kowal

Cats pee and poo outside of their litter box when something is bothering them and they are trying to get your attention. So the first two basic things to check for:

‘Cat In Front of Craven Rd. Fence’ Part of my Toronto Cat Series, mixed media on paper, by Christine Kowal

One. Their litter box is dirty or stinky.

If you use de- clumping litter and all you ever do is scoop the litter, it can get very stinky or dirty. Some cats can’t take it so every once in a while you need to dump all of it out and start over again. Put your nose to the litter box, how does it smell to you? Remember cats and dogs sense of smell is about 300X’s greater than yours.

Number two. Did you change their food, or did their food change?

‘Cat in The Garden’ Part of the Toronto Cat Series, mixed media on paper by Christine Kowal

Is your cat acting differently with their food either being overly finicky, not wanting it, or eating voraciously, wanting more food. If you’ve changed their food. It could be the new foods not working for their body or they don’t like it. Cats are very smart if they won’t or are hardly eating their food it may not be right for their body.

If they’re eating voraciously and still seem to be hungry, it’s lacking something they need, often protein. Whatever it is, it is not the right cat food for them.

I had a client whose cat started peeing and posing outside of the litter box. She was using the same cat food but the company had made some changes to the recipe so her cat was gobbling what seemed to be the same food he had always eaten but now he was always starving and looking for food. They’d slightly changed the packaging so she called them to see if t hey’d changed the cat food and they had.

If you have an old can, the ingredient list will also tell you. And remember the order of the ingredient list matters. So if protein used to be the first ingredient on the list and now it’s fourth, or even second or third, that’s a completely different cat food.

There are other reasons cats pee and poo outside of their litter box , and there is a solution. Explained in the video below. Click on the link

Cats Peeing and Pooing Outside of Their Litter Box

My Friend Zalman Yanovsky Came To Visit Me On His Way Home To God

His Spirit had left his dead body behind.

My sister called me to tell me Zalman died. I started to get very sad.

My Friend Zalman came to visit me

But then I decided to look for his spirit and there he was. He wanted us to draw a book together for his beloved Rose, his wife. And we called the book, ‘ How My Friend Zalman Became An Angel’

He wanted to show her the process he went through when his body died. He saw a big orange corridor with a big Bright Yellow Light at the end of it.

He was moving down the big orange corridor, drawn by the Light.

When he moved into the light he saw all of their old friends and family members who had become spirit a while back. But the most important thing was that he wanted Rose to know that he was always by her side.

All of the Animal Family and People Family were watching over her and the Animals and the Farm. She was safe and taken care of.

The Whole World is watched over by God and his Angels. We are All taken care of.

Zalman Yanovsky was the guitarist of the 60/70’s band ‘The Loving Spoonful.

If you know anybody who may be sad because they have lost someone Please tell them about this blog.

And Stay Connected

Christine And Leo’ photographed by Andrew Hunt

All our Love

Christine and The Animals. Leo’s now in Spirit with God. We call him Papa Leo.

And Zalman’s Spirit Gives a Wave

Tanya’s Back (Kind of)

Christine Kowal Animal Family

You have Absolutely and Completely everything that you need inside of you. The Spark of God Light Love Universe Creator The Holy Spirit Inside. You are Spirit, All Consciousness Inside.

Tanya, Life After Life

Tanya photographed by Mark Russell

When Tanya died I got very sad, couldn’t get out of my bed in the morning sad. And I couldn’t find Tanya, I couldn’t connect to her spirit and my whole world had gone flat and grey.

I made a two part vow. The first part wasTo never get that sad again. Once I got out of this place I was going to figure out how to follow or stay with the spirit of the one I LOVED as their physical body went through the process of dying and their spirit went home to God. 

It took about about a year to be able to breathe again, I spent that year leaning how to feel life again and then I started on a journey of following the spirit of the ones I love through the dying process. 

Tanya had been my first major death. Up until that point in my life I’d been pretty lucky around death. However Tanya’s death began an onslaught as loved Animal family members and Human family members and Family who are Friends began dying and as each one died I got a little further staying with them in the process. It took ten years and finally with Zeus I made it all the way through with his spirit. 

‘Zeus’ mixed media on paper

You see the way to not be so sad when someone you love dies is to stay with their spirit.

Now there’s another part to this which took me another ten years to work towards and understand.
 And that is that we have a spark of God inside of us:

God or the Creator whatever your word for who made you, made everything and everyone and sits at the centre of all living beings. Thats why your gut instinct or inner knowing is always the right answer. It is the spark of God inside of you, connected to God, connected to the spark of God inside of everybody else and every other living being. All Consciousness.

Through the years I have experienced the death of many loved ones. One of the things about having Animals as my immediate family is they are filled with Pure White Light and that they simply don’t live as long as we do. But what I call their turn around time is fast.

That part of them, that spark fo God, their spirit that goes home to God also comes back to us, not exactly the same. God’s choice, when we are ready.

And when they come back, we can recognize them and bring them back into our lives. More on how to do that another time.

The second part of my vow that I made:

Was that I would not write this story until Tanya’s spirit came back to me. Some of my Animals and I are on our third time together( as I said before there’s a little more to it than that. But we can show you how.)

This is Tanya’s spirit’s first time back to me.

This is Caleb also known as Bunnie.
Caleb’s a Chihuahua. 

Our God Spark is forever. When Tanya was sick at the end, one of the hardest things was that she was big and I couldn’t lift her. 
God thinks of Everything.

I have never gotten that sad again
 and you don’t have to either. I can show you how to stay connected to the spirit of the one’s you love, through the process of their physical body dying. 

You can feel their love and joy and see them in spirit.And you can learn to open yourself up and recognize them when God sends them back to you. Our God Spark is Forever.

Learn to Stay Connected