Minou Was A Baby Kitten Again Dancing And Playing

‘Minou Sitting’ 5′ x 7′ Oil paint on canvas, Craven Road Fence Project – part of The Toronto City Beautification Project

One of the things about having Animals as Family is that they are filled with pure white light and they simply don’t live as long. But the part of them that goes home to God, the spirit, God sends back to us when we are ready. 

This is how God explained it to me Life After Life  scroll down to the second picture. 

‘Orange Minou Sitting in An Orange Box in Our Orange House’ Mixed media on paper, By Christine Kowal

When Minou’s body died we were at the vet. She was 24 years old and her body had grown sick and tired. I new she was just waiting for me to be ready. She couldn’t walk down the hall without leaning on it.

I asked her if she wanted to go and she said if I was ready. So I made the appointment for the next morning. She went out that afternoon and said good bye to all of her friends in the neighbourhood. 

Minou sitting on my Paintings 

As her second shot was administered and her spirit left her body
, I closed my eyes. You don’t always have to but it really helps to see what can be seen with your own spirit. 

In the top right hand corner of the room I could see her spirit as a baby kitten jumping and dancing and playing all love and light. She was playing this game she used to play with Roland many years ago when she was very young and they both loved it. 

Love And Light
Christine and The Animals

Don’t forget to have a look at how God sends the spirit of our  Animals back to us when we are ready. 

Life After Life Scroll down to the second picture. 

I Don’t Talk To Dead People

I’m talking to the spirit of the one who has passed. The Holy Spirit /Spark of God/ Your word / is inside of us, when we have a physical body. When our physical body dies the spirit goes back to God. I’m talking to the eternal.

The Holy Spirit / God, cannot die. And God communicates with us constantly if we are willing to listen to that still small voice inside. Some call it a gut feeling.

This is really important. Because that centre that I am is that spark of God, spirit and as I learn to go deeper within me and access the God (your word) within me. I start to live a life that is less fearful and swayed by the outside circumstances of this world. 

‘Don’t Move’ acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″

I learn to listen to that small still voice inside of me and everyone has that still small voice inside. God /Consciousness inside of all living beings and when the physical form dies and goes back into the earth.

That spirit / Spark of God inside goes home to God / Consciousness / your word. It cannot die and it can or continues to communicate with me as long as I am tuned in or listening to that still small voice inside of me.

This is a very important part of Staying Connected to the ones you Love. Learning to listen to that spark of God / All knowing /  Consiousness inside of you. It’s also how we get through difficult times and know what the next right step is when we’re scared. 

Many years ago I was driving down Queen St. East in Toronto, my old neighbourhood. I was stopped at a light and I saw a girl step out on the road at the same time as a burgundy van came around the corner right in front of her. There was nothing I could do, the two events happened simultaneously. The van hit the girl and flipped her over, she did kind of a semi summersault in the air and landed in a fetal position on the road. 

Everything froze. There was a fair bit of space between me and the van and the girl lying on the ground. I was infront of the ongoing traffic stopped at the light. Nobody behind me could see the accident. 

And then I heard, or understood from within which ever way you want to put it. Don’t move your car. The Angels have to work on her before she moves. I sat there holding the space. The cars behind me had started honking their horns. I could see the guy in the car behind me had gotten out of his car and was walking up to my car. He didn’t see the girl on the road until he was right beside me in the drivers seat, and then I heard  OH!

Don’t move your car the voice inside of me said. When someone is hurt or falls or is injured the worst thing to do is to get up right away. You should always lie still there for a moment. The Angels will come and work on you right away. And then once you feel that you are safe again and can breathe properly then you can get up.

Moving in that state of shock can cause great/greater injury and sometimes death. 

Don’t move. I was still getting. The guy standing next to me was saying to me you know you could go around. “No I can’t.”

Then all of a sudden the girl became conscious and jumped up, the Angels faded away. They had come from my side of the street and were sweeping across the road, both lanes and had been working on her in the street.

That gut feeling, that inner knowing, that still small voice inside of us is God inside of us guiding us to the best possible solution.

All of that knowing comes from that all knowing place inside of us. I also like to call it The Kingdom of God within. You can call it what you like. But it is from where I Stay Connected to the ones I love. 

Lots of Love from My Family to Yours.
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One Thing You Can Always Do To Stay Connected

I spoke with a Dear friend today who I haven’t spoken to for a while. And I will add that these are different times. And a lot of us are experiencing deaths that are close and near and dear.

As we were speaking I was asking God / your word, what could I give from my heart that might help a little. Even just a smidge.

Close your eyes. As simple as it sounds when our eyes are closed we can see and sense and understand a lot of things that we can’t when our eyes are open. The spirit of the one you love is right there beside you even if you can’t see their body anymore. Close your eyes and ask them a question.

Depending on how you experience things that you can’t see i.e. spirit, energy, telephone waves, atoms ect. . Some people see things, others feel things, others get thoughts or sentences and others just understand or we can have a smorgasbord of two or more ways of seeing with our eyes closed.

Whatever your experience. When you close your eyes you have access to another part of the world that we can’t see with our eyes open.

If you are still too sad and you’re not getting to them: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, then with eyes still closed ask a question.

When someone you love dies and you are feeling that heaviness and sadness, know that they are right there beside you, trying to get through to let you know they’re okay.

When our eyes are open intellectually we are believing what we see. Close Your eyes. There is much more to life than the intellect.

Michael Kowal (My Father)

When my father passed away I was impatient to speak with his spirit. When someone’s physical body dies their spirit will usually stay with us for a little while. That’s not 100 % the case but usually.

They are trying to help us get through that difficult time. It’s usually about a two or three week period. Their spirit needs to “rest.” I’m going to call it rest because this is the way I understand it. They are with God / Consciousness / your word. They’re being replenished.

When my father was resting I kept closing my eyes and asking him if he was awake yet. And he kept opening one eye and saying to me. “You have to wait I’m still sleeping.”

When I was a little girl I used to crawl into my parents bed in the morning when they were still asleep and I’d lift one of my father’s eyelids and ask, “dad are you awake yet?” And he’d say, “You have to wait I’m still sleeping.”

So I new it was him and I new everything was going to be okay.

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