We Are All Connected Through Love And Light Inside

‘When I Was Little I Was Always Holding Jesus’s Hand’ 16″ x 20″ Acrylic paint on Canvas

The God /Consciousness Inside Of Me Can Talk To The God /Consciousness Inside of Everybody. When I was a little girl we had a bird named Orinda. Orinda was a canary. I asked my mom how could I learn to talk to Orinda so we could understand each other. She told me to read to her for thirty minutes everyday. 

My mom said this way Orinda would learn to understand my words and language and I would learn to understand her way of speaking as she reacted to the stories and words I spoke. 

And it worked, after a while Orinda and I could speak to each other and understand each other although the sounds/ or language we spoke were different. 

We can all understand one another. The God /Consciousness Inside of Me Can Talk To The God /Consiousness Inside of Everybody.

We Are All Connected Through Love And Light Inside

Love And Light 
Christine And The Animals

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‘In An Extraordinary Moment The World I Know Disappeared’ Acrylic paint on Canvas, 16″ x 20″ By Christine Kowal

I was driving home from the chiropractors and all of a sudden the road disappeared. I mean was still on it and when I looked down I could see it. But now I was driving through the clouds and they were blue and gold and purple copper and crimson and I was right in the middle of them. And they were luscious and bumpy and everywhere.

The road was gone although when I looked down it was still there but I didn’t seem to be on it anymore just following it in the clouds. I have moments like this and have had moments like this in my life where the world becomes extraordinary. I know that that’s really what the world looks like, Extraordinary. 

Everyone experiences the Extraordinary in what ever way that means to you. A moment, a deep understanding, deeper than you’ve ever gone before. And I believe that means we’ve found that still small voice inside of us, God, Consciousness, your word and we’re experiencing life from that place, that place where life is meant to be lived from.

That’s how the Animals see the world. Sometimes when I’m out with my dogs I catch a glimpse of what they’re seeing. They’re looking at Everything from that unadulterated, pure still space within. No filters, no ego, God, Light Love Universe, Creator, the Holy Spirit, Consciousness from within. 

Tanya’s Father, a long haired Collie with Tanya’s mother a silver Wolf’ Mixed media on paper By Christine Kowal

This is a very old drawing. I was living in Kingston at the time. I’d gone to Queen’s and was now getting ready to head back to Toronto to become an artist and live in a rented nasty old warehouse studio with Tanya, my wolfie dog who was going to keep me safe. And she Always did.

When we moved to Toronto I started drawing out Tanya’s and my life together. I was working on a picture book. About half way through I realized the book would have to wait a lot of years until I understood a lot more. Back then I hadn’t realized how beautiful Tanya’s world really was. We’re working on the book now, but with words and pictures.

So here I am with Caleb, Tanya’s spirit returned as Caleb. We’re all working on the book together, Shannon (Star/Tara) and Cheaky (Zeus/Tyrone/Buttons) and Gwenyvere (Fluffy). Bracketed names are spirit returning. As I’ve said before Animal turnaround times are fast. Life truly is Extraordinary, I want to live it, all of it, from that place, God, Light, Love, Universe, Creator, Consciousness, the Holy spirit, Inside.

I did sessions for 10 years solving peoples Pet Problems, Gentle Training, my business was called ‘The Pet Generation. And then 10 years working with people releasing blocks first as The Truth Whisperer and then as The Heart Energy Program in Toronto. All I was really doing was listening to God, your word inside and teaching people how to access their own stillness within. But God told me I had to stop because I had to learn more before I could continue my work. And I moved out here and Jesus took my hand as I was coming home from church one Sunday, he just reached out from the clouds and took my hand as I was driving VroomVroom (my car) home and I started to weep because I felt my insides become whole again. Something I had not felt since I was a child.

The other place I was guided to was Oprah and Eckhart’s webinar from Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth. And also Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ Removing ego and living from the power within in every moment of your life. When I’m looking for information one of the things I do is ask God the question and sometimes he sends me to Youtube. Thank you Youtube.

I will be doing sessions again soon. But if you have a question you can email me and I will answer it either here or I will answer it on my Youtube channel and post a link. When you ask a question out loud you are asking about something that others also need to hear.

Love and Light 
Christine and The Animals
Tara, Fire And Tanya

“Her Spirit Returned And At Once She Stood Up”

‘Star And Leo Having A Glass Of Milk’ 36″ x 48″ OilPaint on canvas

Leo left June 2020. It seems like he was just here and it seems like I’ve been talking to him in the sky forever. Star has returned to us as Shannon, the beautiful blond young lady in the forefront. Tanya has returned as Caleb that handsome young fellow with the fooffy tail. 

Shannon And Caleb photographed by their mama Christine Kowal

I’m going to start with Christian words but use your own words or language. When Jesus left the earth he left the Kingdom of Heaven within us, the holy spirit. 

“Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed”

“Her spirit returned and at once she stood up”
Luke 8.55

God, Spirit, Love And Light, Creator, Consciousness your word is who we are. 

That which created us created everything and is at the centre of our being. When someone takes their last breath the physical body dies. The Breath leaves the body. The breath is life, is forever, is who we are, is spirit. And it goes home to God or you can say consciousness, your word. The Creator of all things does not die. That part of us that leaves the body and is who we truly are does not die.

Star’s breath left her body and her physical body died. Her spirit went home to God, Consciousness, your word, and God sent her back as Shannon. And sent me a message to go and get her.

I woke up one morning with the message or you can say thought, truth or understanding to give Martha a call and see if any puppies were coming. It turns out the puppies were here and the evening I went to choose my puppy I was standing in front of them, they were all bundled together and playing. 

I new I’d know. A sign was coming. They were all so cute, still no sign. Could I have been wrong. No God had been very clear that I was to have one of these puppies. 

‘Shannon Chose Me’ mixed media on paper By her human mama Christine Kowal

As I stood there wondering and asking God, my inner knowing, the all knowing inside of me to please make it very clear which one was my puppy. From beneath the pile of puppies up rose a beautiful white little puppy. She’d been buried underneath the pile playing on her own and then she rose up. There she was My Puppy. Thank you God

Let the mind go for a minute. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, then keep your eyes closed for a few moments and  feel that peace. That is who you are, where all your knowing comes from. 

Your centre is Spirit, God, Light, Love, Universe, Creator, Consciounsness, Your word

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Love And Light
Christine And The Animals