Christine Kowal

Christine Kowal


Animal Whisperer

Christian – How to Walk With God

Your gift to the world is what you carry inside of You

I Love God. I Love Animals. God is the Love Inside of Us. Trust Inside.




In Venice Art is the most important thing in the world. God showed me how the world fits together like an incredible elaborately woven tapestry. Every single moment, every single thing, living and not fits together perfectly in Gods plan. We are all part of Gods plan. Each and every single living creature has a very important purpose. Mine is to share what God tells me with the world that is interested with my painting.

The water and the sky create a light like no where else in the world. The land is built on wooden stilts. Which makes everything a different colour. It is Beautiful. Artists have been studying the light in Venice for manly centuries

When it was time to go to school I chose Queen’s University. At first I took three years of History, I was going to be a lawyer and change the world. But I missed painting so much and became quite miserable. So my father sent me to study Art in Italy for the summer in Venice. It was an accredited course of Queens University and it changed my life. I had found the light inside of me again. Thank you Lord.

Star and Leo Are Home With God

They are my family and I thank the Lord for bringing them to me.

Our Animals are pure white Light Inside. They Love us unconditionally.

They also talk to us. We can hear them through our hearts, their voices come threw as pictures, words and or thoughts.

God sent me an Angel

There was a darkness inside of me that seemed to be growing. I was always fighting with it. I remember in high school deciding I couldn’t live with the fight inside outside of me anymore, Good/Bad Good/Bad. I’d given myself a time line, three months. It was mid week and I had till Friday to make my decision.

I new I was deciding between good and evil, I was sitting on a city bus on my way home from school and an older woman with shoulder length white hair got on and sat down beside me and started talking to me about my father. And by the time she was done all of my anger seemed to have bled out of me. I new I could only choose God when she left.

I’d been asking God for a sign the whole time and he’d sent me an Angel, he’d sent me a glimpse of Grace. I didn’t know this woman, but whenever I think of her I think of her as one of my Angels, I never saw her again. But I started to let go of the evil, the darkness inside of me and I have been working my way towards God and his son Jesus Christ ever since. 

And of course God has always given me the gift of Art, Painting, which is one of the ways he asks me to share what he shows me. Seeing the God Light inside of all of his creations. The Communication with the pure white light of the Animals, has always brought me back to him, to Love, no matter how I am feeling. That is the God within me. My Gifts. Thank you Lord Thank you Lord Thank you Lord And thanks for sending Grace to bring me back to myself, back to you.

turning away

This was the hardest part of my life, my father got sick and I let go of Jesus’s hand. I didn’t know what I’d done but all of sudden life became cold and hard. God sent me the Animals to find my way back to his son. My life has been and is a journey to honour God’s light inside of me . God’s light is the  gifts inside each and everyone of us.  

126 Smithwood Dr. Toronto, Ontario

Where I grew up.