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Death of the physical body is a passage back to God / Consciousness /your word. And for our Animal Family you can learn to open yourself up and recognize them when God sends them back to you.

Messages from someone on their way home can shift us in a good and beautiful way. An old friend passed away a few months ago and on his way home he stopped by to give me a beautiful message. It meant the world to me to know that he’d thought of me through the years as I’d thought of him.

I am going to talk about my journey. I am going to use God and other Christian words. But you can use your own words. I am always looking for the light and a way forward: I asked God about dead people and animals because I have been able to communicate with their spirit all of my life. Communication is especially strong with those whose bodies are just about to die, are going through the process of dying or have recently died.

Their spirit will reach out to me to pass along a message of love joy and truth to their loved ones. Or their loved one will reach out to me to access information about them.

It is my experience that Animals have a shorter physical life and so their turn around time is much shorter. So we can continue to reunite with the spirit of our Loved Animals over and over again in Animal physical bodies.

Turn around time is the the period of time before a spirit returns to you in a way that is recognizable to you. That’s a bit of an over simplification, but I will explain more later.

And this is the dream God sent me: God is a big bright light in the sky. Kind of cone shaped or cornucopia shaped, but open not closed in at all, and the white light is so bright and the edges which turn this bright white light that is God are almost difficult to look at.

It’s so bright almost blinding in it’s brightness and whiteness. So along the edges that form an almost like triangular shape with no closed top and no closed bottom are black grey swirls and on the other side of the black grey swirls are blue and white clouds Intense and fluffy.

On the other side of the black line where the white light of God is as you move down into the larger part of the triangle you start to see little sparks of yellow light. As you get further down in the large part of the triangle you see more and more sparks of yellow light.

God said that he is the bright white light and that is the only way we are able to perceive him for what he is. The yellow sparks of light are our centre or spirit. The spark of God in all living things. God created everything and the spark of God is in all living things. It is who we are and what we are meant to be and share with one another.

Our choices that we make decide whether our God spark of light, inside gets turned up or dimmed and turned down. The Animals are unconditional love. The animals I will add were never thrown our of the Garden of Eden, the way man was so they are pure light, their lights burn brighter and are here for a shorter time.

Thus the spark of God or as some say, the spirit returns to God when the physical body dies. So that spark is now God and he decides what he is going to do with that spark or part of himself. And the sparks can merge and God can pull new sparks from himself but the life of that one who passed is remembered and God helps us to get through it.

God can send these sparks merged with one or another back down to loved ones in a new body that he creates. This is a very simplified way of explaining it to me. We can all ask God questions and he will answer but he will give us information that we can understand. We all are where we are and those are very different places, but we can keep moving forward. This explanation and painting God gave me is one I can understand and explain where what I do comes from.

I was born understanding living things by seeing inside them, Their God Spark. And because I do this work the God spark in Animals and people will reach out to me when their spirit or spark of God is leaving the dying physical body so that I can let their loved ones know that they are all right, all is well and pass on a message or two. Love and Light is who we are inside. Always choose Love.


Christine helped me twice with the passing of beloved dogs. The first, Candy she had helped me with some training issues and did a beautiful painting.

The day after Candy died Christine emailed me and told me that Candy had contacted her very urgently, wouldn’t even let Christine finish her coffee until she told me to talk to Candy. It was amazing, it helped me process my grief for her.Unfortunately very shortly after Candy , my mother died.

The positive side is I took in her small dog Thor. I loved and adored him for nine years When he became old and clearly suffering I called Christine. She had never met him and said (at Thor’s request) ‘send me a picture of him.

‘Thor was not in crisis but was a declining elderly dog. I wanted Christine to help us find out if our little Thor was ready to go. Christine said that he had been in touch with my departed mom for a while and he had also been in pain for quite a long time. She made it clear that I wasn’t making him suffer longer by keeping him here because he managed it well, but he was ready to go whenever I was ready to let him go.

Not only did Christine make me feel more confident in my ultimate decision, but also how Thor felt about my mom and reuniting with her. Plus she conveyed that he had enjoyed his life and that he does love my son, whom I thought he barely tolerated.

Christine told me to watch for signs that Thor is happy after death and I have felt or observed many. While I miss Thor everyday the grief is more bearable having to connect with him like that through Christine and know that he had been happy and that I was doing the right thing.

Sincerely, Faith 647-899-8165

Our God Spark is Forever

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Family Portrait: Leo On His Way Home To God

Anne Kowal 1937-2011. My Mom When She Was Going Home To God.

Thank you Trillium Health Partners – Mississauga Hospital for making my mother feel loved and at peace and taking care of our whole family as your hospital became our second home as we waited.

When my mom first got to the hospital it was a bit scary. But we needn’t have worried. Although it wasn’t easy as time went on we found out God/Love/Universe/Creator lives at the hospital.

When our mom was sleeping you could always tell she was holding someones hand. She woke up one time and told us she’d been visiting with Uncle John.

A lot of the time it felt like she was just visiting with us and spending most of her time in spirit.

Waiting for someone’s physical body to die is kinda the hardest part because once you learn to stay connected to their spirit you know their spirit/God/Love Light/Universe/Creator inside will always be.

But in our world we are so focused on the human physical form. And that’s the transient part. Maybe we need to understand life a little differently so that we can understand death or as I like to call it, Life After Life, differently. With more enthusiasm, joy and true belief.

This just starts to happen naturally as you start learning how to stay connected to the ones you love.

There was a nurse there, he was so sweet with my mom. They kinda innocently flirted back and forth. I hadn’t seen my mother that free and at Peace for years. Thank you.

My mom was Catholic so for her journey home to God the priest came to see her to give her her last rights and confession.

My sister and I sat with my mom from the start and we could tell she was getting ready to make the transition. It felt like 99% of her time was spent in/with spirit. And she was always at peace when she was over there it was actually when she would wake up in her body that she’d become distressed. Her physical body no longer fit her big bright loving joyful spirit.

And then she left. Her breath, her spirit went out of her body and she wasn’t there anymore. Gone. Gone from the physical into the spirit.

The Physical World is so tiny and taken care of. The Great Big Beautiful Spirit. I’m going God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but you can use whatever words are right for you.

We are all

The God Light Love Universe Creator Holy Spirit Inside of us goes back from where it came, and it is forever.

When My Friend Zalman Yanovsky’s Body Died His Spirit Came to Visit Me And We Made A Storybook Together: How My Friend Zalman Became An Angel For His Wife Rose

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How would it make you feel if you could be with them and see them and feel they’re joy as they transition from spirit living in a physical body to pure Spirit Love Light and Joy?

Our God Spark is Forever