Out With The Old Allowing I Am

We’re taking November off from the Blog. We’ll be back in December. We’re making some changes in our life. It’s time for me to clear out my old ways of doing and thinking and learn that I AM. You ARE. Be Back first week of December.

Love And Light 
Christine And The Animals

The Spirits All Showed Up In My Backyard

I’d Never Seen This Before

‘The Spirits All Showed Up In My Backyard’ 11″ x 15″ Acrylic paint on paper By Christine Kowal

I walked out my side door and my back yard was filled with spirits. It was a rainy morning, and a group of them were huddled in and around and the gazebo. This was a first for me. I didn’t really know what to do. It was a bit shocking and a bit exciting, so I just asked them what they wanted? I figured they’d found me or rather God had sent them my way so  they’d found me for a reason.

And by the way, if it wasn’t God Love Light Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit that had directed them my way, they weren’t staying.

Apparently they had some unfinished business. They wanted me to do something for them. It was very simple, I can’t remember what it was now. Anyway first I asked God if this was alright since my experience with spirits on their way home to God up to this point had always been one on one. And he said yes it was fine. I had to get in my car and go to the shopping mall next door to deliver what ever message it was and by the time I got home they were all gone.

Leo And Me’ Photographed by Andrew Hunt

Why am I telling you this weird story right now. Well life is kinda weird right now. It’s certainly very weird for me or has been, I’m starting to understand that I have to shift gears. The life I had once imagined for myself is going to be very different. The world has changed and is changing. And at first I was terrified. 

I read The New Testament and Eckhart Tolle one after the other. The Bible is a living document that speaks to me and teaches me about Jesus and how to live through him. Eckhart Tolle’s book teaches me how to go deeper and understand how to listen to The Kingdom of Heaven Within that Jesus left inside of me and everyone else.

When I can put myself into that place of presence, into the now, take myself out of my mind and all of the things that have happened and everything that might happen and focus on The Kingdom of Heaven Within me, the all knowing Consciousness within, the Holy Spirit, your word, I can feel the stillness and I know I’ll get there from here, where ever there might be.

This is my friend Zalman after his physical body died he/ his spirit is going down a big orange corridor with a big bright yellow white light at the end. Change is hard for me. I like a certain amount of stability or constancy in my life. I will also say I was not always this way. I use to love a great adventure. So I guess this is not our choice we are all on this Great Adventure together. I am finding the key for me is I to believe and have faith and I practice being present and living from The Kingdom of God Within, Consciousness, your word. 

‘White Kitty’  5′ x 7′ Oil paint on canvas,  Part of the Craven Rd. Fence Project

Although this kitty looks like she’s almost done. She actually got a few more staples and stayed up for quite a while longer. The Animals Believe and have Faith. I get a lot of my strength from my Animal Family.

These are my two books:

‘The Bible’  NIV  New International Version

‘The Power Of Now’  By Eckhart Tolle

There is a reason that the world is the way it is right now.  I don’t know why that is only God knows. But what I do know is that we’ve gotten off track, I’ve gotten off track. And I’m working very hard to listen to that still small voice inside of me now and in each moment and live on track. 

Love and Light 

Christine And The Animals

Prayer / Meditation

If I can circumvent the mind, inside of my body is my breath, which is my life force and where all right action comes from. When it is gone my physical body is no more when I am breathing my body is alive.

Prayer / Meditation

Heal your Body from the Inside Out

I can heal and detoxify my inner body by using the breath, God Light Love Holy Spirit Consciousness, Life Force inside of me. This is a Prayer/ Meditation. Try it and see if it makes you feel better. Use it in the morning and when you go to bed. Eventually you’ll be able to do the practice without  listening to the video, if you want.

Do it for a week in the morning and when you go to bed,  see if you’re feeling any different, good different. Maybe your body feels a little better when you wake up. Maybe you did something and thought you’d be sore when you woke up in the morning and instead feel good. If you take medication keep taking it as you know you need to.

After three weeks your going to start to notice you’re not as scared/ worried/ stressed as you normally are. We are God /Creation, Inside.

Heal Your Body From The Inside Out

In my paintings and in my life I like to hang out with Jesus Inside and Out.

Your word.

Love And Light
Christine And The Animals

Heal Your Body With Your Breath

The Animals Are Already There