Law of Attraction and Heart Energy

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Access and harness the power within, your Heart Energy.

For many years I have been teaching people how to access their Inner Knowing, Their Heart Energy and then raise their vibration or feel good in order to pull like vibrational things, or good feeling things to them. This is Law of Attraction.

I trust myself, I believe in myself, I love myself and I feel good.

This is always about bringing you back to your center, who you are inside a piece of God, Love Universe, Creator, this is where you will find all of your answers to each and every question that you have, and your answers are different from everybody else’s because your truth, your life’s purpose is different from everyone’s else’s. We are all here with our own special gifts, what we are here to bring to the world and share.


Self Empowerment Coaching

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‘You have Absolutely and Completely Everything that You need Inside of You’

You are God/Love/Universe/Creator within. I teach you how to access your place of power and come back to your natural feeling.  Your natural basic human/animal instinct is Love.

You are Love inside and your Natural Feeling is Love. Learn how to live from Love.

Prices per Session:

  • Forty-five minutes $95
  • Sixty minutes $125
  • Ninety minutes $175
  • Two hours $225


 Adam & Eve & Heart Energy  by Christine Kowal

The Heart Energy Program ~ Let us Begin CD


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