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What is Your Power Animal?

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What is The Animal Power that is important to you, that is what Animal Medicine or strength are you requiring, or are like, so that when that particular medicine or animal power is shared with you, or absorbed by you, it balances out your vibration/Your Energy/ Your emotions and Feelings. Releases your pain, opens your heart and empowers you.

When your energy is balanced then you are operating from a place of peace. That is Love, and all is well. When your energies or vibration or emotions are unbalanced You are operating from a place of fear and your choices will not serve your greatest good nor anyone around you.

The Animals are pure as with humans their basic instinct is Love. The Animal World as most of the natural world are true to their nature they always operate from that place of Love. And every animal as every human has some very powerful strengths that when coming from that place of love that animals come from can create beautiful miracles.

Mans strengths which when operating from a place of fear, which is how man primarily lives with fears and negativity causes chaos which in turn causes more fear and negativity and people get caught up in a cycle/circle/habit of living from a place of fear and convincing or trying to convince all those around them to do the same and finding fault with those around them who will not do things there way.

So the Animal power that is pure and coming from a place of love then pairs with that same power or strength that is primarily operating from a place of fear and that positive pure power from a place of love pushes out the fear. Love is stronger than fear.

Such as in the case of the Animal family paintings painted by Christine Kowal. The paintings contain the spirit and power of the animal and in gazing at the paintings in the privacy of your own home and in a calm place or space over and over again the power of the animal sitting or coming from a place of love activates or is mirrored in you in it’s pure and positive form that is to say your negativity around these particular strengths or powers is neutralized and you are now able to operate about this particular matter from a place of peace and love which will always create the best case scenario for yourself as well as those around you win win.


The form or questions to understand what your power animal is at this time or around this particular project

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Thank you for answering our questions. The Animals and I will get back to you with your Power animal within 48 hours.
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