Speak Your Truth


‘Always Together Forever’ 5′ x 7′ oil on canvas

Wolves don’t take any, you know what, dukey, a new word I just learned when I moved up here, means kaka. All of the Animals need you to speak your truth.

The Animal world requires Truth, if you want them to hear you otherwise they will not listen.

Wolves are especially clear about this. No manipulations, control or leaving out the truth to get your own way. They just turn off and will not respond or will respond, without the love.

‘One Couple Always’ 5′ x 7′ oil on canvas

I Love Wolves and have continued to paint them through out my career as an artist. I have also always had wolves or rather part wolves. My first dog Tanya was half Arctic wolf and half long haired collie.


The wolves I met here tell me that chihuahuas are called ‘The Little Wolf’ they are not like regular dogs, but closest to the wolves. So now we have Caleb.

This is a very young Caleb. He is our Chihuahua. I will have to do a new painting of Caleb he turned one in September. He is probably about 4 months here. Very cute Baby Caleb.

‘Baby Caleb’ 9″ x 12″ acrylic paint and mixed media on Stonehenge paper

Speak Your Truth 

 Basic Guidelines to The Pet Generation 

The Pet Generation program is based on love, respect and common sense. Our pets love us absolutely and completely, their world revolves around us. What they want most of all is our love and attention. When your pet is misbehaving it is usually because something is bothering them and they are trying to get your attention.

Fear of the unknown

Now I want you understand that our pets love us absolutely and completely and their greatest fear is that we should stop loving them.

When something changes in our lives and we change our patterns or our lifestyle. What happens is our animals often think that they have done something wrong and that we no longer love them or that they are being punished.

How Our Pets Understand Us – Talk to Your Pet

 When we speak to our animals they understand us and if you have a problem with that idea than you do understand that they most certainly understand the feelings that come from our heart and those feelings carry the message of our words.

 Now I am going to be honest with you, there is nobody that I have worked with that does not talk to their Animals.

What there is is a variety of beliefs to what people believe there pets can comprehend, and I am not here to dispute that, we all have our own belief systems, what I am here to do is to help you solve your pets problems and create a deeper knowledge and understanding between you and your pet.

So we all talk to our pets, and we all believe, or at least anyone that I have met believes that they understand the message that comes from our heart, our love and intention, and our feelings.

We are constantly talking to our animals asking them to do this or that. Our animals need to know why we want them to do something, how important it is to us. It does not matter whether you believe that they understand the feeling and love attached to our words or the words themselves, they understand enough that it makes a difference when we explain why to them. They hear what is in our hearts.

The analogy I use is; when you are working for someone and they are constantly telling you what to do, ordering you around, do this do that, without any kind of an explanation, eventually you start to resent obeying their constant commands.

As opposed to when you are working for someone who when they ask you to do something they explain why you are doing it and what you are all trying to create together. All of a sudden you become a team or family and feel worthy and you strive to accomplish what your boss has asked of you.

That is the difference about explaining why, again whether you believe they are understanding the words or the love, feelings and intentions attached to those words they are understanding the message that is coming from your heart, that you are loving and respecting them and that it is important to you.

One very important thing to remember when talking to your animal family member or explaining why always be absolutely and completely honest, otherwise they stop listening or picking up your feelings.

We as humans like people to see things our way or from our perspective so sometimes we will leave out some facts or manipulate the story or even downright tell a fib. Here is where you lose your pets attention. If you want them to do something and you are explaining why you need to be absolutely and completely honest other wise they don’t hear you, if you are not speaking from the heart you might as well not bother.

Unconditional Love = Love + Respect

‘Leo and Star Having A Glass of Milk’ 3’x 4′ oil on canvas

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Just Say What You Mean

Thank you Marie Forleo And Your Team for Bschool. And All of Your Help And  Lots of Love to Kuma.

The Craven Rd. Fence Project

These are my paintings on the Craven Rd. Fence, part of Toronto’s Beautification project for the city.

One afternoon Zalman and I were down at the barn doing some work with the sheep. I came out of the barn to see what Zalman was yelling about and there running about in a few of the sheep fields were a group of Hounds. He was trying to round them up. “They must have escaped from the Hound rescue,” he said.

Now he managed to get them into one area but he couldn’t get near them. “Wait down here with them, I’ll go up to the house and call the Hound rescue,” (prior to cell phones).

So he went up to the house to make the call. And I got down closer to the ground and started to talk to them. I was telling them not to be scared and everything was going to be okay. They had come to the right place in getting lost. Rose and Zalman loved Animals and we would soon have them safe and sound and back home. They had been very upset when they first arrived and were still somewhat anxious.

But as I spoke they became calmer and as I continued to talk to them with  understanding and love and respect. They could hear me speak to them with absolute truth. I was speaking to them in the way I would want to be spoken to and treated if I was afraid, anxious and upset and lost, and they all began to calm down.

They came to me one by one and by the time Zalman had made his call and gotten back from the house. I was kneeling on the ground holding all of them by their collars in both my hands and everyone was quiet.

And I want it to be clear that Zalman and Rose were incredible with the Animals and I learned so much about love and caring for the Animals from them and about respecting myself.

But what I had done with the hounds is treated them exactly the way I would have wanted to be treated with Love and Respect.

With all of the wonderful people I have worked with over the years. As soon as they add the respect part, everything starts to work and make sense. Because honestly all of the people I have worked with love their Animals. Love and Respect = Unconditional Love.

The Question: How to train a dog to not go to the bathroom in the house and also how to use a pee pad in the house.

Now the dog in this painting is Tripod. I did this painting many years ago, I had just finished school and moved back to Toronto. Tripod’s dad was a photographer and Tripod was a three legged dog. He lost his leg in a car accident when he was a puppy. Tripod always liked to make a statement, thus peeing just outside of the dog run.

How to train a dog to not go to the bathroom in the house

Always start with the talk. So when you want your Animal to do something understand that their bottom line is always love so if you explain exactly what you want and why you want it, with love and respect and understanding you are going to get a lot further with what you are needing from them.

Lets start with something very basic. If you are able to the best thing you can do for your dog to start them out in terms of bathroom training is to take them for walks outside.

Now you can transition this through to pee pad training, or having a special blanket or area in the house that they can go to the bathroom but if you can start by walking them it will be easier and faster.

As a dog walks his/her body naturally is processing everything inside and it is working it’s way out. (Just like with people) And if you start every morning with a  15 to 20 minute walk they will get into the habit and feel the good feeling of peeing outside. Now I would suggest you do this three to four times a day. First thing in the morning before he has time to think about peeing inside. Then again around lunch  and again before bed, if you can fit one in around dinner all the better. I suggest the first walk in the morning and the walk around dinner be the longer ones. The other two can be 10 to 15 minutes . You will start to see that they enjoy going outside. It is also very good to get your dog out after breakfast, but if you have walked earlier than a little time in the backyard should be fine, or what I call a quicky, under or 10 minute walk.

Do this for about two weeks. Now what they are doing is they are starting to enjoy having a specific place/outside to pee and maybe even poop. And try to keep the same route. They will establish regular areas. These areas will be places where other dogs have also peed. That is all good, just remarking and claiming territory. Sometimes poop takes a little longer to get into, but two weeks should work for both.

After the two weeks of walking you introduce the pee pad or blanket. And again first thing you do is sit down with them and have the talk. Explain how much you love them and what you are doing and why you want them to do this. The why is key. When you respect them enough to explain, it makes a difference.

Now you pick your pee pad, or blanket or whatever surface you would like them to use and you put it in a particular place. You can have a couple places if you like The key being pick that place or two places and that is always where the pee pad or blanket goes each and every time. You are establishing their territorial marking space, and it needs to be the same place.

And I am going to add if possible it is always good to take your dog for a walk. But if that is not possible than it is not.

Now the way you establish this as the peeing and pooing place is with complete and absolute diligence. So each and every time you see them peeing somewhere else you go to them say their name first, then say they No, Name you are not allowed to pee/poo here,  and then take them to the designated pee/poo place. And if it is poo then you take a tissue pick the poo up and take it with you over to the place that is the designated area, put it down tell them this is the good place to poo and how good they will be when they poo here.

This is where they are to go to the bathroom. Do not rub their nose in it and do not lift them while they are pooing. You do not want to cause elimination problems due to fear of being moved around or punished. Wait until they are finished then take them to the correct place. But you have to do it each and every time you see them.

Our animals are Very smart and they would like to do things there way so they will try and break you down. So diligence, each and every time is the key here. If they see you seeing them and you do nothing about it, (and just like us they have eyes in the back of their heads.) I.E. They can feel it. That is like 3 steps back wards. And if you come home to it. Do the same thing you do as when you are there. Except first you will take them over to the pee or poo, say their name tell them it is bad to pee/ or poo there and then take them to the designated area, same thing.

Step One – The Talk

Step Two – Walking outside for two weeks, three to four times a day.

Step Three – Set up the area in your house pee pad or blanket and become diligent about every time they go to the bathroom, they go in that area.

And if you cannot walk them then you go from Step 1 to Step 3. However it will take less time if you can walk them and continue to walk them.


Let us make Art of that which we Love. Let it be forever and let it be worth everything. The Highest expression of life is Love.

Commission A Portrait

An Animal Family Portrait Makes a Wonderful Gift


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Christine Kowal Animal Family Feel The Love Wednesday. Overcoming My Fear Of Spider

This story begins long ago. I was one of those kids that used to put milk out for the neighborhood strays in hopes that one would decide to stay.

My brother used to bring home stray baby birds that he would then nurse back to health. And my sister who loved animals was severely allergic so our Animal Family were feathered.

Through the years I have run into quite a few people who as children used to put milk or other things out for the cats or other animals that they loved that lived near to where they lived.

I begin with this because most kids speak to and understand the animals. It is in growing up, going through adolescence, our rights of passage to the next phase of human life that people sometimes forget how to communicate with the natural world.

This is why I begin my story of explanation with a spider. Many humans fear the spider who eats mosquitoes, and other insects that humans find bothersome. The Native Americans would say that Spider is powerful medicine, I would agree.

And the majority of spiders in Ontario where I grew up and have spent most of my life are not poisonous and do not hurt people so there is no reason for me to be afraid of spiders.

However many years ago I found myself with the opportunity of my dreams. Zalman Yanovsky, former guitarist for The Loving Spoonful and his wife Rose Richardson, who is also in spirit offered me an apartment to live in attached to their house in the country with my own studio out in the forest. It was a hobby farm with cats and dogs, peacocks, guinea fowl, sheep chickens/roosters and did I say out in the country And a barn where the big Spiders lived.

I was invited over for dinner where we proceeded to have a wonderful dinner, the animals sat with us and got to lick the plates which made me feel like I had found some of my people. And then Zalman said okay we ‘re going to go down to the barn and I’m going to tell you about the sheep.

I am going to assume they had encountered the spider fear before, because Zalman explained to me how to feed and water and let the sheep in and out . We would be taking turns I would be responsible two days a week for giving them breakfast, water, letting them out and then bringing them back into the barn before night time. And if they went away I was in charge. So how joyful, I think I may have seen a big spider, a big hairy spider and I asked about them.

And Zalman said there are spiders in the barn, they don’t really bother you but in the morning if you come down before the sun has shone down onto their webs in the barn they will be dangling down, so if it is rainy they might be dangling longer than usual. “ We just put a jacket over our head and get to it. Once you start moving around they will disappear. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME’

And Zalman said listen if you really want to do this and live out here you will have to get used to the spiders, you need to go home and think about it. It is a commitment and you will have to get used to the spiders, they do live in the barn.

Actually I was kind of hoping he’d say “ If you see a big spider just come and get me and I’ll get rid of it for you”

Yeah thinking about it, some help I’d be taking care of the animals if every time I saw a spider I had to run and get someone for help, that was most definitely a city girl thought.

Okay this was my dream come true, a Studio out in the country with animals to live amongst and paint. I new Tyrone, my cat was going to love this but I would have to commit to loosing my fear of spiders because I couldn’t live in fear of the barn, that is where the wonderful sheep were and I loved the sheep.

I remember going home that night, and Rose and Zalman insisted I take a few days to think it over, I had until Thursday.

I new I was going to do it, but I remember going home, and pacing, being so excited about a dream come true and also thinking about one of my greatest fears, the spider, I was going to have to learn to deal. I remember thinking if Rose and Zalman can do it I can do it to. That has always been one of my great thoughts: “ If someone else can do it, that means it is doable and I can do it to, my Mother taught me that.

So I paced and thought about the spiders and I thought about all of the other animals and the Beautiful studio out in the country, it’s own separate building in the middle of the forest with a little dirt path and skylight windows that ran down half the wall, a huge space, that would be all mine to paint in, my own studio just to paint in and all of the animals running about and I thought who cares about the spiders.

And Rose and Zalman had a system in place. If it was a rainy day or they came down early they would use the side entrance to the barn a normal door. As soon as you opened the door there was a coat hook and there was a big jacket hanging on one of the pegs that you could then put over your head and go through the other entrance or go through the barn and give the sheep breakfast and let them out.

The three years I lived at the farm changed my life in such a beautiful and incredible way, thank you wise spider.

By the time I left the farm I respected the spiders.

The importance of Spider, although he is an arachnid technically and not called an Animal is that in order to live the life I’d  always dreamed of I had to learn something new. I had to be willing to learn about someone new, and their world and how they felt and who they were. I had to open my heart.

The Animals teach us how to open our hearts

That’s how we start to understand what they are actually saying to us and not overpowering them with our own ideas, thoughts and feelings.

And then the Animals start teaching us how to love and respect ourselves. As we hear them we learn how to hear ourselves and our hearts open.

And here is our Baby Caleb from Feel The Love Wednesday

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Maxy Was Going To Eat That Bunny

Now if you notice in the front are bunny tracks with  Maxy’s tracks following, in pursuit. Maxy was a big beautiful, white black and burnt orange, very strong and very agile dog.

I woke on that incredibly beautiful morning and I was sitting having my coffee  and right in front of my window I see a bunny go by and Maxy hot on her trail. I was mortified. I ran next door where Rose and Zalman were also having their morning coffee. “We have to go out and get Maxy, she’s chasing a bunny.”

They both looked at me, then at each other and I could see it pass between them. How do we tell her?

“Umm that’s what Maxy does. She chases bunnies, sometimes, she catches them and sometimes they get a way. There’s really nothing we can do about it, it’s part of living out here.”

Rose and Zalman had a 75 acre hobby farm. And a good portion of it was forest and bush. The dogs usually stayed by the house and they didn’t go to the road which was quite a ways away. But sometimes they went off to play in the field or forest.

They were trying to explain it to me gently. I was listening but at the same time my city mind was going I love Rose and Zalman but you’ve got to be kidding me, there is No Way, WE HAVE TO SAVE THE BUNNY.

So I went back to my apartment Ready to take action. I thought about what Zalman had said. “You’re welcome to go after them but they’re long gone by now, by the time you get out there you’ll never find them.” As I got dressed in winter gear and stepped outside.

I looked around it was still and beautiful and white. All that was left of Maxy and bunny were their prints on the trail infront of my window.

I came back inside and asked God. I always talk to God, It makes my life a lot easier and better. I said God what do I do and I got nothing. As in, do nothing. I was flummoxed. I thought I was going to get a plan or steps to take. Those bread crumbs our inner knowing or God inside of us gives us. And instead I got do nothing.

The reason I am telling you this story is that to truly talk to and understand your animals you have to learn to connect with your higher power within. That is your all knowing place. And to do as it tells you, or how it feels. Ignore what the outside world tells you.

That is where the Animals live. And that is how and where we connect with them. From our higher power within.

Ignore what the outside world is saying and listen to your inner world. And Love + Respect = Unconditional Love.

I had to respect both Maxy and the bunny’s life style. Living out in the country, and realize that there are places that are not mine to go.

We have to love and respect the animals for their knowing for who they are and not just what we want or expect from them, or what we want things to look like for everyone else.

Love and Light Christine And The Animals

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How Mouse Saved Me From Rambini

This is my friend Mouse. Or rather this was my friend Mouse from long ago when I lived at Rose and Zalman’s farm.

This story is all about unconditional love and unconditional love is love plus respect. When Tyrone and I lived at Rose and Zalman’s farm there were sheep. And the sheep were all part of the family. There were around six to eight sheep, the girls and one boy, Rambini.

Now the girls and Rambini lived on the farm all of their lives until they died of old age. Every year the girls would go into heat, Rambini would impregnate them and the babies would live until the fall and go away in the big truck and come back in small paper parcels as food. Although sometimes they kept a baby lamb and that lamb would then live on the farm all of her life and become one of the family.

Now just before the girls went into heat, Rambini could get a little rambunctios and when one of us was in the pen, either Rose Zalman or myself, with the sheep, feeding them some grain or granola, or giving them hay Rambini would watch to see if we had walked ourselves into a corner that we could not get out of and then he would come running at us and ram us into the boards. Thus Rambini. I’m going to say when he was younger he was gentler about it but as he got older he got a little more determined. Eventually he was separated into his own pen.

However one day I was down at the barn feeding the sheep in their pen. And I looked up and their was Rambini, he had a clear line to me and I was pretty much stuck where I was. As I was desperately looking around for an escape Mouse looked up. She saw my face looked straight at Rambini, saw that he was on a mission and no amount of convincing or cajoling was going to stop him and she stepped in-between me and Rambini and took the hit. Just like that, she stepped in and took the hit for me, there was no mistaking her intention and what she was doing. She figured she was bigger than me and it was gonna hurt me more so she took the hit for me. I was pretty amazed, it was a wonderful thing for her to do, actually if you think about it sheep or not, is was a pretty amazing thing to do for someone.

Mouse and I had spent a fair bit of time out in the field together. She was with her sheep and I was out there with them with my paints and canvases and paper painting them. Hanging out with them and learning from them.

Mouse was my favourite and kind of the lead. It’s almost like when you are sitting in a circle having a meeting or discussion. Everyone in the circle is an equal part but there is still someone who leads the circle. Mouse was a bit like that.

Mouse had spent a fair bit of time explaining to me/ or helping me to understand why sheep do what they do and how they live/what their belief systems are. Sheep are very smart. She was a good friend, part of my wooly family.

Thank you Mouse of so long ago. Because of Mouse I love You Sheep.

The question is: When I am going away how do I reduce anxiety for my dog or Animal Family member and myself?

So if you are going on a vacation. We, Me and the Animals suggest a couple of things. First sit down and have a talk with them, let them know how much you love them and that love will never change, that you are going away, how many sleep times you are going to be away. Who is staying with them, or where they are going or if they are on their own, whatever the plans.

Make every thing very clear and say over and over again how much you love them and when you get back you will bring or give them a treat/ go on an extra long walk together or that you will be very very happy to be home with them because you love them so much.

Number of sleep times is essential in this conversation as well as what is going to be going on with them. If they are staying home that is all good. Just be clear and loving, remember Love and Respect.

The other thing we suggest is good morning and goodnight messages.When you wake up and just before you go to sleep send them a loving message. Say their name, when sending a message always say or think their name first, this grabs their attention, then Mummy or daddy, or however you refer to yourself, loves you very much  thinking of you, have a good sleep, so many sleep times left. And what ever loving message you would love give them. 

It’s just like when you are thinking of someone you love and phone rings and it is them. We all receive wordless messages from one another.

If you know someone that travels and loves their pets and always feels sad or bad about leaving them behind please forward them this newsletter.

Making your loved one feel safe can alleviate naughty behaviour that can appear so it seems out of nowhere. There is no such thing as out of nowhere.

Love and Light


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