Animal Family

Animal Family


Our natural human/animal instinct is Love. All living beings are Love inside. We can all understand one another through Love.

I ran a successful business in Toronto for seven years called: The Pet Generation. The Pet Generation was Gentle training, solving pet problems through love and respect and common sense.

I am working on a book right now called Animal Family. Animal Family is about resolving your pet problems. Gentle Training, Love and Respect and common sense.

These are the most common problems that I continued to find from family to family while running The Pet Generation with their resolutions.

I have included a course on puppy training, the most wonderful and wondrous years:

  • Cats Peeing and Pooing Outside of the Litter Box
  • Dogs Peeing and Pooing Inside
  • Chewing
  • Jumping Up
  • High Energy Dogs
  • If your Pet doesn’t Come When Called
  • Tugging and or Being Aggressive While Walking
  • Puppy Training
  • Sibling Rivalry

Once you understand the concept of love and respect and how to make it work you can solve any pet problem.

Our pets love us absolutely and completely, their world revolves around us. What they want most of all is our love and attention. When your pet is misbehaving it is usually because something is bothering them and they are trying to get your attention.

Lots of Love Christine and The Animals