Christine teaches people how to access and harness the power within, release negativity, and discover and become who they came here to be.

‘You have Absolutely and Completely Everything that You need inside of you.’

Christine was born with the ability to see inside of all living things. When you learn to see the love/light inside of everyone, you understand that everyone is incredibly beautiful, a Divine being of Love.

We are all connected, we all have the ability to understand the love inside of ourselves and of each other. We just need to believe in ourselves, trust in our higher power and live by our gut feeling over and over again.

Christine studied Fine Art, Painting, and Canadian History at Queen’s University. She also studied Art in Venice Italy.

During her University years, Christine lived on a hobby farm just outside of Kingston owned by Zalman Yanovsky, former musician/guitarist with the 60’s band, The Loving Spoonful, and his wife Rose Richardson.

Rose and Zalman and the animals had a very powerful influence on her understanding of life and the life of the animals that she loves so much and are family to her today.

Zalman’s and Roses’ belief in her gift with animals and her artistic gift, strengthened her belief in herself and her understanding that we all need to do what we love in life. While living at Rose and Zalman’s farm Christine had a studio in the forest where she spent most of her time outdoors with the animals, painting.

In 1990 Christine opened a studio in Liberty Village, Toronto where she started selling more of her Artwork. She also started doing intuitive sessions for people, accessing information for them as well as helping them to resolve their family pet problems.

Murray Koffler, the founder of Shopper’s Drugmart and founder of The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition with his wife Marvellle Koffler, saw Christine’s show at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit at City Hall and bought her entire exhibit.

In 2002, Christine started her first business ‘The Pet Generation’ as an animal communicator and artist, she worked with people and their furry children doing gentle training – resolving pet problems -And family pet portraits, Christine ran ‘The Pet Generation successfully for 6 years in Toronto.

Christine’s series of wolf paintings were purchased by David Wolfman and Heather Wakeling and featured on “Cooking With The Wolfman “ on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network where she appeared as a guest, as an Animal Communicator and an Artist.

Christine began studying ‘A Course in Miracles’ after her father passed away. It was the first time she had read or seen teachings that described the way she has always understood the world.

She eventually began teaching ‘ A Course in Miracles’ at ‘In The Spirit of Yoga Studio’ in Highland Creek.

In 2008 Christine began working with people and their Heart Energy as Christine Kowal ~ The Truth Whisperer “Discovering your truth through the whispering of your Heart Energy, the God within”

Which has evolved into The Heart Energy Program.

Christine has worked with thousands of people teaching them how to use the Love inside of them to create the life they want and came here to live.

She offers talks, private self empowerment Heart Energy Coaching, as well as, teachings, presentations, group workshops, courses and The Heart Energy Program available on You Tube and iTunes as a podcast.

Christine’s new book ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and Balboa Press. An easy way to understand how to live from the love inside of you and share that love with another told through Adam & Eve’s story with artwork and erotica.

Christine is working on her second book; Animal Family

I am always painting, writing and continuing to self empower myself, my clients and those with who are on the journey of living ones purpose.

Do What You Love and Open Your Heart to The World ~ All of Our Love Christine and The Animals