Say thank you to someone today

I just read a Facebook post about a War Veteran who received an envelope on his car with a thank you letter in it for helping create the America and freedom that we enjoy today with a twenty dollar bill in it to buy him a meal in thanks.

It is so Beautiful when we are appreciative of one another, what we do, who we are and especially that we say something to each eachother and do something for one another to say thank you and by the way that includes our animals.

Our animals are always telling us how much they love us and we need to do the same for them, for our loved ones and those around us. You can make someone’s day by saying something nice. Leo tells me how much he loves me every time he walks up to me and looks at me. Remember animals speak to us through their thoughts and feelings, we can speak back in words. And we can take example from them and treat our humans with that kind of Love.

Love and Light

Christine and The Animals

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