Part 3 ~ The Spider Overcoming fear of The Spider

Part 3 Kincardine

Here we are in Kincardine, my first shower in our new home. I turn the water on, get it to the right temperature and their dangling in the corner is a spider and he is headed down. I look at him and say, “what are you doing? I’ve got the hot water on you have to climb up, not down your going to die.” He completely ignores me. I’m thinking to myself is he a baby doesn’t he know about water, so I say to him again, “what are you doing?” louder than before.


I see his line quiver and he turns and says completely shocked “Are you talking to me?” And I say, “who the heck else am I talking to, there is only you and me in here and your dangling down into a hot shower and you are about to die.” I heard his thought, “that can’t be true, one of the humans talking to me” and he continued down his line.


I was totally shocked a spider that didn’t talk back to me, we could understand each other but he thought he was hallucinating because he’d never spoken to a human before, or rather a human had never spoken to him before, I think.


The next morning I found him down in the bathtub as I got my hot shower going I scooped him up with a paper towel and put him out of the tub. He continued to totally ignore me.


We are living pretty far away from the GTA or any major city, farther away than I’ve ever lived from a big city. It is different up here, the animals are different, they have their own time and agenda and they are respected for who they are.


I have found that when I talk to them they don’t respond at first, I know they can hear and understand me but it’s a bit like I have to prove myself first. And if they like me then they will acknowledge me and or talk back.


We are getting to understand each other better, but I will say the spiders here aren’t used to talking to humans or being talked to by humans. I rarely see them, they really do stay out of my way these days and when I do see one he or she completely ignores me and rushes off in the other direction. I know they can hear me. At the moment, they’d just rather do there own thing and let me do mine. How odd.


All Our Love

Christine and The Animals


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