Balancing Your Body Chemistry

Balancing Body Chemistry

When the body is functioning and is well and healthy the body chemistry’s are all aligned.


There is a liquid that runs through our bodies, or you could say our bodies are primarily liquid inside. When the body is well and healthy that liquid is clear and you can see all of the different functioning within the body. That is, the body inside becomes primarily transparent.


If the body is unwell or if you are not feeling well then the liquid within the body becomes cloudy and not so transparent. Depending on the level of un-wellness is the transparency of the liquid.


To much sugar in the system is something that will make the body cloudy. The source of unnatural sugars in the body of the Northwestern people are primarily refined sugar, packaged foods, carbohydrates and grains as well as processed and fast food.


What happens is the sugar starts to build up in the system and the body is not able to process it properly, it essentially gums up or clogs the cilia within the intestinal tract so that food of all kinds going through the body cannot process properly.


The excess sugar in the body and toxins/ or waste matter that is floating about in the body causes the liquid to become cloudy.


Eventually when there is a build up of sugars in the system and they continue to be consumed the cloudy liquid begins to thicken.


Now when the liquid is cloudy the physical body or person starts to feel tired and sluggish, but once the build up in the body of these sugars becomes so great the organs and body insides begin to have a problem functioning.


As you can imagine a machine that normally works beautifully in crystal clear water and fluid. Then someone pores into it a thick pasty substance the mechanisms of the machine are no longer working so well.


As more of this processed sugar finds it’s way into the body, joints and points of finite workings, meaning where things work very finely in the body, the body parts begin to seize and stop moving or functioning so well.


The body can be cleared of this liquid, the joints and clogged organs can be cleared as well. One must substitute the eating of the sweets/sugar/carbohydrates and grains/processed or fast food with natural fruits and vegetables and lean un-fried or lightly fried, ie very little fat added to the frying process. And the primary drink should be water.


Water is the natural God/Universe/Creator given elixir of the Earth that cleans out the physical body. But one must also change the diet as mentioned above to clear the system and prevent the build up.



Divide Your Plate Into Four Quarters

If one requires grains to function they must be whole grains ie with the chaff and unbleached. They should not be consumed at every meal and should be maximum a quarter of the plate.


Imagine a whole plate, now divide that plate into four quarters. One quarter is a healthy lean protein, one quarter is a whole grain and the other half of the plate is made up of vegetable or vegetable and fruit.

All our Love Christine and The Animals


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