Sing Heart Sing

I just had a very powerful dream. I was listening to a couple of people talking about how important wealth and position are. I was standing at the bottom of a simple but distinguished staircase. I decided I needed to say something.


In my life I have often stayed silent. But this time I felt my truth was important, I understood it as the truth, an important truth. So I said something to the effect of all of the accoutrements are fun and enjoyable, they make life easier. But to have a truly great life, filled with love and joy you have to live your truth. Speak your truth, that is what you are here to do, to share with others, what will bring you absolute joy.


Earlier in the evening I had woken up thinking about the animals, and how to get what they tell me and teach me and how they have shown me to understand them out into the world. In pictures and words and technology and so that is what I am working on right now.
What is your truth, what are you here to share with the rest of the world, with your neighbours and friends and loved ones that makes your heart sing. Sing Heart Sing

All our Love
Christine and The Animals

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