Two Wolf Puppies ~ The Girls


We first got here; (the town of Bervie, Highway 9, Kincardine township), about 8 weeks ago, the girls were much smaller and very cute. Leo loved walking by their enclosure, and saying hello, really the man about town is how he felt.


Well the girls are now going through puberty, they have grown in leaps and bounds but are really still very young, just young ladies entering that wonderful confusing time called puberty. They are shooting off all kinds of hormones and gesturing and posturing as most teenage girls do.


And Leo now prefers to walk by their enclosure with me in between, his response being “that is way to much woman for me”. Though he still sometimes leaves them a little pee pee, his mark once he’s passed by, just to let them know the he’s still around.


The girls are a lot of fun to be around, they are just so excited about life and they are incredibly sweet. They are sisters who are best friends, going through puberty together and very excited about it. Here is the analogy;


Their room is pink and frilly but there are now rock star posters on the walls and they are dressed in mini skirts, trying on high heels, that don’t belong to them, yet. Lying on their beds talking about their big crush or crushes and not quite sure what to do about it, but doing it anyway, a little.


They are just shooting out those hormones, practicing their come hither looks and then jumping back and wondering why every one is behaving so strangely towards them.


Kind of like that those young ladies just entering into puberty that try on outlandish clothes and parade about the house hoping someone notices and then being outraged when they notice. Practicing in a safe place, practicing something that they are not quite sure of, yet, but having lots of wonderful and fun feelings about.


It is very sweet to watch and also brings back those memories of being that age, holy moly, how confusing and how wonderful and exciting.


I had said before that there is a difference between the animals living in and around Toronto and the GTA and those living out here. Not so many people, very little concrete and lots and lots of nature, more than I have ever lived in and around before. We love it.


When I ask the animals living in and around the big city a question their answers are immediate.


When I ask the animals out here a question at first they ignore me, and they are not being rude, they just do life by their own schedule in their own way, once I prove myself to them, that is my sincerity in why I want to know the answer to the question, then they show me the answer.


Just to be clear one is not wiser or better than the other, it is different. Life out here is different for all of the animals including the human ones. Me, Leo, Cheeky and Gwenyvere are loveing the differences and learning.


Nature is a lot bigger and there is a lot more of it than there are people and concrete out here. We live next door to the Bervie Zoo in Kincardine township, you can find them on Facebook.


It is a lot of fun being around the girls and watching them blossom into young ladies. The girls were very young when their mother was killed. Alice and John and Tom and Sean took them in, bottle fed them and are raising them themselves.


Lots of Love

Christine, Leo, Cheeky, Gwenyvere and Star(now an Angel)

Spiders Are “People” To


We are making new friends, Leo likes rubbing noses with the bunnies. Lots of Love and have a great weekend. We are working on the spider story, I know, I know, don’t be alarmed it is a great story. Spiders are “people”/important to.

Lots of Love Christine, Leo And The Animals

BA BA ~ Our New Neighbours


Here are a couple of our new neighbours, Leo and I both love sheep. I have to say that country animals or I’m even going to go as far as saying Animals living far away from the GTA are different from Animals living in the city, or closer to the cities and traffic. These sheep sometimes rub noses with Leo.

Lots of Love Christine and The Animals

I have some Wonderful New Animal Stories that I will be sharing.