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“And then before she could determine any changes in how she felt, she reached the Apple up to Adam’s mouth and gave him a bite too. And so their adventure began.”

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JP Towing Road Angels

Mama Minou

Yesterday Vroom Vroom, my car was towed, I was parked in front of a driveway. SORRY! I really hadn’t meant to, I was in the high park area where many of the little lovely lawns are paved with cobble stones.

My Community Leader Faith was giving me a lift to my car. I have just become the Book table person for my Bruno Groening Circle of friends and I was carrying books and Faith’s car was closer.

My car was gone, when we got there, the man outside said earlier that day a light blue car, Vroom Vroom, had been parked in front of their drive and his wife had called and they had towed it, I apologized. I asked Faith to drop me back off at Swansea Town Hall, I was starting to panic and needed to figure this out.

Faith asked me what I was going to do there, and then she helped me, we called a few places found the car and she drove me to the towing yard, JP Towing. Thank you Faith, she just did it. I think I should say, I haven’t known Faith for very long and I certainly wouldn’t have expected or even hoped that she would help me out, but she just did.

We arrived at JP Towing and I walked in and the people manning the desk were being yelled at by other people on the phone, I would imagine it is not easy to work at a Towing company. So I was making sure I was good and kind after all, I had parked in front of a driveway.

They processed my paperwork, I paid and off I went into the yard to get my car. I got in turned the key and the dashboard lit up, including the battery light. As I started to drive the steering was not working. I was starting to boil, they broke my car I thought, this is not okay.

I went to the front desk and explained the problems, again they were very helpful, but I was at this point rather angry and done. Cory, who is a mechanic and tow truck operator was there in his own car, not working and he offered to have a look, then Shane came back in, he was the one who had towed my car, to help and have a look, even though his shift was done.

I was vascilating between feeling hopeful, helpless and angry at these towing people and grateful that they were helping me out. It was an interesting place to be all back and forth, wanting to trust them and they were very kind and kept saying, we just want to help. Turns out it was all about my dying battery, which when I thought about it on the way home, I have known was on it’s way out. They got me going again, everything working, they had just spent somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes of their own time getting my car back on the road so I could get home.

People are good and kind and helpful, we just have to allow. Thank you

The other thing I want to say is when I lived in the warehouse district years ago in my studio, JP towing were my neighbours across the way. There were abandoned railway tracks that were all over grown with bushes and trees where all of us used to walk our dogs and there was a drive through place for veichle’s. I remember JP Towing because whenever they would see me and the dogs they would always stop and made sure we all got across before they crossed with their trucks. I didn’t know any of them accept by their trucks, they were great then and they are great now.

Lots of Love and Thank you Faith and JP Towing

Christine and The Animals – The picture is of Minou, she was a baby kitten when we lived in the warehouse and lived to be 24