Happy Easter and A Happy Full Moon

Bright Light, 16%22x20%22 oil paint on canvas, $900

Happy Easter and  Happy Full Moon. I know that I usually do a monthly Full Moon Ceremony, but I am emptying my vessel and refilling it with a New way, which has not completely formulated yet, or rather I can not yet express.

I will suggest however if you would like a lovely and Feel Good Full Moon and Easter Ceremony you go to Doreen Virtues’ Weekly Oracle card reading, it is beautiful and addresses both Easter and The Full Moon.

Just google Doreen Virtue, go to her Angel Therapy website and on the right hand side of the screen is a video, her weekly oracle card reading, it runs from Youtube so you can Youtube her as well.

All of our Love, Have a Beautiful Easter, go out and howl at the moon and give your stuff away to the moon tonight and blow it a kiss, send all of your love and light forward. We Love You Very Much Many Blessings and Peace on Earth Christine and The Animals

Pg. 10 ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’

Adam Eve 11

“Now the snake was a different type of land creature from any that they new, the snake was a reptile and the snake used his entire body to feel and look into and understand the Earth and its Children. So the snake had a very deep and great understanding of each and everything that it moved across.

And the Snake wanted Adam and Eve to understand how absolutely and completely wonderful this new understanding that they would have of each other and the world would be were they to eat the beautiful red fruit, the Apple, from the Tree of Life.”


‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ by Christine Kowal available at Amazon, Balboa Press, Indigo/Chapters, Barnes and Noble, iTunes. 

 Now available as a Cd audio download at www.ChristineKowal.net

Pg. 9 ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’

Adam Eve 10

“And so Adam and Eve found the ‘Tree of Life’ now God had told them about the tree of Life. God had told Adam and Eve should they eat the fruit from the Tree of Life, the Apple, their eyes would be opened, meaning the understanding that they would have after they had tasted the fruit from the tree would change them forever and they would never be able to go back to the innocence that they new before.

Well as Adam and Eve wondered over to the Tree of Life they met the snake who sat up high in the tree next to the beautiful red fruit, the Apple.”

‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ by Christine Kowal available at Amazon, Balboa Press, iTunes, Indigo and Barnes and Noble

Always Look Forward

Moving ahead in your life means you need to look forward to what you want and where you want to go. Looking back onto past experiences only drops you back, you see past mistakes and problems and try to focus on not recreating them instead of focusing on what you need to do right now in the present to move forward. We love you very much, have a wonderful day. Christine and The Animals