Pg. 7 ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’

Adam Eve 8

“Man asked God for a mate, a friend, someone like himself who would make him feel good and bring him joy and he in turn would do the same for her. He saw that God had created mates in the animal world and the sea world and the plant world and the sky world and he wanted this kind of relationship for himself. Someone that he could play with and they could explore this new world that God had created together and so God made Eve.

Now it is said that God created Eve from man’s rib and as man was created from the Earth We could say that Eve was created from man’s rib via the Earth. I don’t think that we should worry about this part to much, I know I have thought about it over the years over and over again and I don’t think it much matters because we are All Love and Light inside.”

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All our Love Christine and The Animals

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