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“From the Beginning Adam and Eve felt right together and off they went to explore the Garden, and God saw that his creations were happy and good and so he decided that a little rest and celebration was in order and so God created Sunday. Sunday is the day that many celebrate God and life and various other landmarks and ceremonies in their lives, and it is also known as the day of rest for that is the day that God rested.

And those of us who have children human or fury know that when you take your attention away from your children they will find something new to play with.”

‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ by Christine Kowal available at Amazon, Balboa Press, iTunes, Indigo and Barnes and Noble

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“Man asked God for a mate, a friend, someone like himself who would make him feel good and bring him joy and he in turn would do the same for her. He saw that God had created mates in the animal world and the sea world and the plant world and the sky world and he wanted this kind of relationship for himself. Someone that he could play with and they could explore this new world that God had created together and so God made Eve.

Now it is said that God created Eve from man’s rib and as man was created from the Earth We could say that Eve was created from man’s rib via the Earth. I don’t think that we should worry about this part to much, I know I have thought about it over the years over and over again and I don’t think it much matters because we are All Love and Light inside.”

‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy by Christine Kowal available at IndigoAmazonBalboa Press, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble,

All our Love Christine and The Animals

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“God created light and day and day and night.The day was when there was sunshine and the sky was bright it was a time for growth and productivity when everyone shared and loved with one another. The night when the moon was out and the sky was dark and black was a time of rest and love and rejuvenation for all. And both the light and the dark were very beautiful and special in their own way.

God created the land animals in male and female form so that they could roam the land and procreate and the land became full and happy as was the sky and the water and God saw that this was good.”


‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ by Christine Kowal available at Amazon, Balboa Press, Barnes and Noble and Indigo

Full Moon Ceremony ~ February 22, 2016 ~ Trust and Have Faith


 ~ Trust and Have Faith ~

February Full Moon is a big and important Full Moon in this year of 2016. As this is a year of new beginnings, changing direction or reorienting your direction to your true-er self. You must Trust and Have Faith. Listen to Your Higher Power, Christine uses the word God as her higher power, what ever your word. Understand that the moon, the sun, the earth, the waters, the sky, the air, the animal world, the plant, world, the sea world, the human world, we are all Gods children. Trust and have Faith in your Higher Power, Trust and have Faith in yourself.

Go outside February 21, February 22, or February 23, and let go of what you don’t want, clear your mind, look up, see the moon, take a deep breath and ask your question, let go of anything that you don’t want or need. The natural world connects us to ourselves, to our Higher Power. All our Love

The February Full Moon Ceremony will be posted on February 21 after 7:00pm

All our Love Christine and The Animals

Your Natural Basic Human/Animal Instinct is Love

You are Love Inside. Your Natural Basic Instinct is Love. You are a powerful creator, but you are creating from the place you are feeling. Let’s talk about Love, when you learn to follow your gut instinct and direct only yourself and help others follow their own gut instinct you attract that higher love. All our Love ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ by Christine Kowal available at Amazon, Balboa Press, Indigo, Barnes and Noble