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“My Adam and Eve book is a story about God and Love. As I have always understood it Adam and Eve left the Garden because they had to. The eating of the Apple, the shiny red fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was actually them coming into their own. The Transition of their bodies from child to young adult, what North American society calls puberty and the leaving of the Garden was merely Adam and Eve setting out on a new and exciting journey called Life.

The simple pleasures of childhood could no longer hold their attention once they had tasted of one another and they wanted to do it their way, see the world, experience life.

And when they left the Garden of Eden they took God with them, he came inside of them. Because each and every one of us has a piece of God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of us, our own internal guidance system.

And they were now able as adults whose bodies had become mature to experience life fully and share each other with one another. One of the ways you get to experience God is by being with or loving the one you love with your body, that union, that explosion is both of you connecting to God, it is a holy experience and one that takes us out of our bodies temporarily and allows us to feel a little bit like Gods, It is an experience from within.

And through their journey of Life Adam and Eve have a lot of Holy experiences as all loving couples should.

Always choose Love And then go home and make Love”
God is with you and inside of You every step of the way. I hope that you enjoy our story. We believe it will make you feel good and it will make you go home and be with the one that You Love.”

Adam & Eve & Heart Energy by Christine Kowal, available at Amazon and Balboa Press

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