November 25 The Full Moon Ceremony

Life Force

Full Moon Ceremony ~ Wednesday November 25
place: Highpark 6:30pm,
what to bring:
Bring yourself
bring a difficulty or a question
bring a happy thought, something that when you think it in your head makes you smile and feel good, no matter what.
$20 a person
A Full Moon Ceremony
The full moon takes what we do not need, lets it go and gives us a new way.
I have found a couple of spots at Highpark that are wonderful and will work well, easy to get to, close to entrance, but I saw them in the daytime, so I am going back tonight to see which works best in the evening. I will let you now exactly where The Full Moon Ceremony will be in Highpark with a map this weekend. Hope to see you there. Lots of Love Christine and The Animals

Please let me know if you are planning on attending. Lots of Love

The painting is called ‘Life Force’

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