One of My Favourite Spreads In My Book

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This is one of my favourite spreads in my book. ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ Christine Kowal is now available on Amazon. This is a wonderful journey. A friend said to me last night, I guess you just wait for the royalty cheques to roll in, and we both laughed, because now a new journey begins for me.
‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ is a healing. Any of you that know me know that my work is all about feeling good, focus, feel good, and then action, from the inside, do what your inside, that piece of God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of you tells you to do.
If you read the book and look at the pictures it will make you feel good about your self and about what a loving relationship is and what a good loving relationship is to you and if you read it over and over again, and it’s fun, the pictures are beautiful, Balboa press did a beautiful job with the artwork, thank you, the pictures make you feel good, then you feel good/better about yourself and you understand that it is all possible from where ever you sit, from where ever you sit, keep going back to the book, it’s a bit like a mantra or meditation, it clears you and focuses you on feeling good about yourself, about loving another.
And if you read and look at my book and you like it please tell others so they can buy the book and start to create the life of their dreams. “You have Absolutely and Completely Everything that You need Inside of You”
All our Love Christine and The Animals

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