Live, Love And Be Happy

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“My Adam and Eve book is a story about God and Love. As I have always understood it Adam and Eve left the Garden because they had to. The eating of the Apple, the shiny red fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was actually them coming into their own. The Transition of their bodies from child to young adult, what North American society calls puberty and the leaving of the Garden was merely Adam and Eve setting out on a new and exciting journey called Life.

The simple pleasures of childhood could no longer hold their attention once they had tasted of one another and they wanted to do it their way, see the world, experience life.

And when they left the Garden of Eden they took God with them, he came inside of them. Because each and every one of us has a piece of God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of us, our own internal guidance system.

And they were now able as adults whose bodies had become mature to experience life fully and share each other with one another. One of the ways you get to experience God is by being with or loving the one you love with your body, that union, that explosion is both of you connecting to God, it is a holy experience and one that takes us out of our bodies temporarily and allows us to feel a little bit like Gods, It is an experience from within.

And through their journey of Life Adam and Eve have a lot of Holy experiences as all loving couples should.

Always choose Love And then go home and make Love”
God is with you and inside of You every step of the way. I hope that you enjoy our story. We believe it will make you feel good and it will make you go home and be with the one that You Love.”

Adam & Eve & Heart Energy by Christine Kowal, available at Amazon and Balboa Press

Full Moon Ceremony ~ November 25, 2015 on Youtube

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November 25 @8:pm or any time after on Youtube. I will also post it here. Location is not working for different people from different places so watch and participate from home or with a friend. The moon controls the tides/water on our planet, we are 80% water, it’s effect on us is powerful and just like all of the Natural Universe it can help guide us and calm us when we are ready to shed the old. Lots of Love, see you on Youtube

November 25 The Full Moon Ceremony

Life Force

Full Moon Ceremony ~ Wednesday November 25
place: Highpark 6:30pm,
what to bring:
Bring yourself
bring a difficulty or a question
bring a happy thought, something that when you think it in your head makes you smile and feel good, no matter what.
$20 a person
A Full Moon Ceremony
The full moon takes what we do not need, lets it go and gives us a new way.
I have found a couple of spots at Highpark that are wonderful and will work well, easy to get to, close to entrance, but I saw them in the daytime, so I am going back tonight to see which works best in the evening. I will let you now exactly where The Full Moon Ceremony will be in Highpark with a map this weekend. Hope to see you there. Lots of Love Christine and The Animals

Please let me know if you are planning on attending. Lots of Love

The painting is called ‘Life Force’

Gentle, Caring, Soothing and Plenty Frisky

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This book has no pain in it, only Love, some of the artwork is erotic, so it is important when looking at the pictures please read the writing beneath the picture. Together the words with the picture create the healing. The book is a healing for relationships. In these changing times relationships have taken a bit of a beating, gentle, kind, caring, soothing and plenty of frisky, and Lots of Love ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ Christine Kowal available at Amazon and Balboa Press

A Healing

When you look at your partner always see them as glass half full, and say the things you love and admire about them out loud. It will improve your erotic time together. My new book is a healing for relationships. ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ available at Amazon and Balboa Press.

All our love

The God Park


Find a place where you can be with the God/Light/Love/Creator/Universe/Creator inside of you, outside of You. Leo found this park, it’s about 10 minutes from our home and a little hidden in it’s depths. I call it the God park for dogs/children and their family. It’s kind of magical, it goes way way back and it is always with one dog and their parent, or one human child and their parent, it’s a gift, Thank you Leo, Thank you God


One of My Favourite Spreads In My Book

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This is one of my favourite spreads in my book. ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ Christine Kowal is now available on Amazon. This is a wonderful journey. A friend said to me last night, I guess you just wait for the royalty cheques to roll in, and we both laughed, because now a new journey begins for me.
‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ is a healing. Any of you that know me know that my work is all about feeling good, focus, feel good, and then action, from the inside, do what your inside, that piece of God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of you tells you to do.
If you read the book and look at the pictures it will make you feel good about your self and about what a loving relationship is and what a good loving relationship is to you and if you read it over and over again, and it’s fun, the pictures are beautiful, Balboa press did a beautiful job with the artwork, thank you, the pictures make you feel good, then you feel good/better about yourself and you understand that it is all possible from where ever you sit, from where ever you sit, keep going back to the book, it’s a bit like a mantra or meditation, it clears you and focuses you on feeling good about yourself, about loving another.
And if you read and look at my book and you like it please tell others so they can buy the book and start to create the life of their dreams. “You have Absolutely and Completely Everything that You need Inside of You”
All our Love Christine and The Animals