We Are All One

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I don’t think I’ve ever explained my light skinned Eve and dark skinned Adam. ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’, my upcoming book, is about the power of Love, inside and out. Martin, my ex boyfriend is Jamaican. I have never gone out with someone with black skin before, when you love someone the cultural difference is obvious, we all grow up in different ways, food, ceremonies, celebrations, clothes and then we take those ways out into the world and into our personal lives with our partners and we create new ways. But the visual difference just becomes something very special and beautiful, and then there is no difference.
When Nelson Mandela passed away, he has always been one of my heroes. I went to see his last movie.
Somewhere right at the beginning of the movie, somebody says that a black person is less than a white person. It just knocked me back, the unfairness, the injustice, the ridiculousness and the brutality of that statement, and I thought of Martin. He is a beautiful man inside and out, and the idea that someone would think him or anybody else less than because of the colour of their skin made me so sad.
If you haven’t seen the film, it is very potent and powerful and the last line in the movie is so beautiful.
When I came home, I new that ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’, that is all about love inside and out, was missing a very key ingredient, everybody was white. And I very much wanted to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, a great man, that changed the way we understand ourselves and one another. We are love inside and out. So the first Adam and Eve that greet you as you open the book are a light skinned Eve and a dark skinned Adam. All of our Love Christine and The Animals We Are All One