I Write In Pen Because I Don’t Plan on Making Mistakes

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This is my handsome nephew Alex Hunt, I’m a proud Aunty. Ever since Alex was a small child, he has always understood that life is full of possibilities, glass full. I have often asked Alex his perspective or thoughts on things, even when he was younger, it is always a way up.

So I asked him for a story, or something he could tell me to help explain his confidence and his understanding that the world is full of brilliant possibilities and how to always be focused on that and he told me this story. I’m going to paraphrase:

When I was in University I always used to write with a pen and all of my friends were writing in pencil and doing their figuring out in pencil so they could erase what wasn’t right. And when they asked him why I said, “I write in pen because I don’t plan on making mistakes.”

Brilliant Attitude Alex, and Thank you for telling me your story.

Lots of Love Choichia (Aunty)

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