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It’s been a long week and I have been researching Visualization. This is not a new concept to me, and I am doing some experimenting with it, to see what’s powerful and gets me there.
Morning Message: while studying visualization: do it right now, don’t wait, when I think of it do it, don’t put off the things you don’t want to do. So open the mail, all of it, answer that difficult email, when it comes in.

I got up that morning and opened that pile of mail that was waiting for me, I went into my email and opened or deleted anything that I wasn’t going to read or listen to right away. And just a little heads up on that one, there were a few things I sent to trash, but didn’t empty trash and after sleeping on it I went back and pulled a few back into my in box so I could see it. Do It Know, it clears head space for wonderful wonderings.

The other thing I am doing is giving myself permission to imagine out of the box, if it doesn’t make sense in the way people do life, it doesn’t matter, it is what I want.

A world build into the trees. Like living in adult tree houses. How do I heat it with crystals. I don’t know how to pull the power of heat from a crystal yet, but I know it is in there, I’ve been getting that message for years, so I am going to find out. A large Crystal has the power to power Toronto, I’ll figure it out, really it’s the best way to live in a community of tree houses in this kind of climate.

All our Love Christine and The Animals

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