I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I Believe in Myself, And Take Naps

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Morning Message: ‘I Love Myself, I trust Myself, I believe in Myself. And take naps during the Day’
I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I believe in Myself, should be everyones mantra, and it doesn’t have to come in those words. But we should all have something that we run through our minds when we need to feel good, or when we are doubting ourselves or and when someone is trying to push their wants and needs onto us and we are not sure, or feeling guilty about the way we feel.

Say this over and over again in your head: I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I Believe in Myself. Your head will clear, you will reground and you will know what You truly want.

And the other part of the Morning Message: Take Naps. Sleep is Very important to the functioning of our body and mind and it helps us access our Spirit, our Inner Knowing, our Heart Energy, The Power Within. So if you are exhausted or running out of fuel. Take a nap. A nap does not mean you have to fall asleep. A nap is a good 10 to twenty minute rest period. Lie down, or sit if you must, close your eyes, and breathe, relax, if you have a hard time settling down your mind in the middle of the day, or early evening, then use a meditation CD, you can use: The Heart Energy Program ~ Let us Begin CD, or a favourite piece of music that makes you completely relax and let go.

In ten minutes open your eyes and get going, you’ll just feel better. Staying above the line, feeling good, requires a rested mind and body, otherwise a big part of your energy is taken over by you trying to stay awake and focused. And if you would like to purchase ‘The Heart Energy Program ~ Let us Begin CD just contact me. It will soon be available on my website www.ChristineKowal.ca

All our Love Christine and The Animals

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