Morning Message: Record ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy and create an audio book

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“This was new to them and so Adam reached over and touched Eve on the thatch of hair between her legs.”

(This is page 22 from my upcoming book, Adam & Eve & Heart Energy.) My Morning Message just as I awoke before Leo came to get me up was: Create an audio recording of Adam & Eve & Heart Energy that will become an audio book, that will also help in the healing of love relationships.

When you awaken in the middle of the night or early in the morning and your mind is going a hundred miles a minute, stop and say over and over to yourself; I love myself, I trust myself, I believe in myself. As you say that over and over again in your head, your mind will relax and you will bring yourself back to your centre.

Then ask yourself the question; What is my message? And don’t worry it, relax into it. And remember it is always good, when you bring yourself into that calm and peaceful place, your message will be something for you to do that will help you along your way, in a good way.

So my new upcoming book Adam & Eve & Heart Energy soon to be published by Balboa press is about discovering your own personal power, while experiencing the beauty of falling in love, and loving another with one’s body, mind, and spirit.

And it will help people shift into the new way of having a loving relationship that will feel healing and beautiful for all.

And so I did what I was told and I just finished a recording  of the book that I like. Always follow your Heart Energy, the power within, your Morning Messages are important. They will guide you. And I am very excited about my book.

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