I Write In Pen Because I Don’t Plan on Making Mistakes

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This is my handsome nephew Alex Hunt, I’m a proud Aunty. Ever since Alex was a small child, he has always understood that life is full of possibilities, glass full. I have often asked Alex his perspective or thoughts on things, even when he was younger, it is always a way up.

So I asked him for a story, or something he could tell me to help explain his confidence and his understanding that the world is full of brilliant possibilities and how to always be focused on that and he told me this story. I’m going to paraphrase:

When I was in University I always used to write with a pen and all of my friends were writing in pencil and doing their figuring out in pencil so they could erase what wasn’t right. And when they asked him why I said, “I write in pen because I don’t plan on making mistakes.”

Brilliant Attitude Alex, and Thank you for telling me your story.

Lots of Love Choichia (Aunty)

Do It Now ~ Be Your Authentic Self

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It’s been a long week and I have been researching Visualization. This is not a new concept to me, and I am doing some experimenting with it, to see what’s powerful and gets me there.
Morning Message: while studying visualization: do it right now, don’t wait, when I think of it do it, don’t put off the things you don’t want to do. So open the mail, all of it, answer that difficult email, when it comes in.

I got up that morning and opened that pile of mail that was waiting for me, I went into my email and opened or deleted anything that I wasn’t going to read or listen to right away. And just a little heads up on that one, there were a few things I sent to trash, but didn’t empty trash and after sleeping on it I went back and pulled a few back into my in box so I could see it. Do It Know, it clears head space for wonderful wonderings.

The other thing I am doing is giving myself permission to imagine out of the box, if it doesn’t make sense in the way people do life, it doesn’t matter, it is what I want.

A world build into the trees. Like living in adult tree houses. How do I heat it with crystals. I don’t know how to pull the power of heat from a crystal yet, but I know it is in there, I’ve been getting that message for years, so I am going to find out. A large Crystal has the power to power Toronto, I’ll figure it out, really it’s the best way to live in a community of tree houses in this kind of climate.

All our Love Christine and The Animals

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I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I Believe in Myself, And Take Naps

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Morning Message: ‘I Love Myself, I trust Myself, I believe in Myself. And take naps during the Day’
I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I believe in Myself, should be everyones mantra, and it doesn’t have to come in those words. But we should all have something that we run through our minds when we need to feel good, or when we are doubting ourselves or and when someone is trying to push their wants and needs onto us and we are not sure, or feeling guilty about the way we feel.

Say this over and over again in your head: I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I Believe in Myself. Your head will clear, you will reground and you will know what You truly want.

And the other part of the Morning Message: Take Naps. Sleep is Very important to the functioning of our body and mind and it helps us access our Spirit, our Inner Knowing, our Heart Energy, The Power Within. So if you are exhausted or running out of fuel. Take a nap. A nap does not mean you have to fall asleep. A nap is a good 10 to twenty minute rest period. Lie down, or sit if you must, close your eyes, and breathe, relax, if you have a hard time settling down your mind in the middle of the day, or early evening, then use a meditation CD, you can use: The Heart Energy Program ~ Let us Begin CD, or a favourite piece of music that makes you completely relax and let go.

In ten minutes open your eyes and get going, you’ll just feel better. Staying above the line, feeling good, requires a rested mind and body, otherwise a big part of your energy is taken over by you trying to stay awake and focused. And if you would like to purchase ‘The Heart Energy Program ~ Let us Begin CD just contact me. It will soon be available on my website www.ChristineKowal.ca

All our Love Christine and The Animals

A Healing for Love on This Planet

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There is a page at the beginning of my book where I quote a sentence from ‘A Course in Miracles’ I require written permission from them to use their line. I had sort of decided to just let it go and write something myself, which I did but as I was going through the book, and Balboa Press has sent it back to me in a the redesigned format that I asked for, I felt so much Love while I was reading and looking at the book ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy’ The book truly is a healing, the words were channelled and again, I feel kind of humbled that I have been chosen or given to create this book.

It is a healing for the romantic relationships that exist and that will be coming, because it is a new way of being together in strength as one and in strength together as one. I will wait for what I get back from ‘A Course in Miracles’ and I know that everything will be exactly as it is supposed to be.

All my Love Christine and The Animals

Sleeping: How to / Part 1

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A very large part of the adult population over forty sleeps very little at night. And as we all know sleep is very important, our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate and be healthy as do our brains, so what’s going on and why are most people having a hard time sleeping these days and how do I get some sleep.

What you do and how you feel in your waking hours determines your sleep. Part one on how to sleep is about the hour before you go to bed. That hour before you go to bed needs to be positive, if you read before you go to bed, you have to read something that makes you feel good, that makes you laugh and smile.

If you watch television before you go to bed, make sure the show is positive and makes you laugh and smile and feel good. If you like to watch the news before you go to bed, then watch your news but watch something positive or happy for an hour after that, turn on a movie that makes you smile or laugh or feel good. Read a book, do some yoga, go for a walk, and if you are going with your spouse or friend make sure you spend that time talking about the good things that happened in your day, not the things that need fixing. And by the way if you have a dog and you start a night time routine of walking at night, you will both be Very Happy you started this new positive habit, and always be safe, walk places that make you feel good.

Essentially that hour before you go to bed needs to be positive, you see, what you think about and feel before you go to bed is what you will marinate in all night.

Have you ever had the experience where you watched a scary movie and you woke up in the middle of the night and someone was chasing you that resembled something or someone in that scary movie. That hour before you go to bed is crucial, you need to feel good, sound simple, try it, try it for a week, then try if for three weeks, your still going to wake up but when you do your not going to be as scared and it will be easier to flip yourself into a good place and go back to sleep. We will talk about flipping later.

All of Our Love ~ And Sleep Well ~ Christine and The Animals

Medical Intuitive

Morning Message: Record ‘Adam & Eve & Heart Energy and create an audio book

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“This was new to them and so Adam reached over and touched Eve on the thatch of hair between her legs.”

(This is page 22 from my upcoming book, Adam & Eve & Heart Energy.) My Morning Message just as I awoke before Leo came to get me up was: Create an audio recording of Adam & Eve & Heart Energy that will become an audio book, that will also help in the healing of love relationships.

When you awaken in the middle of the night or early in the morning and your mind is going a hundred miles a minute, stop and say over and over to yourself; I love myself, I trust myself, I believe in myself. As you say that over and over again in your head, your mind will relax and you will bring yourself back to your centre.

Then ask yourself the question; What is my message? And don’t worry it, relax into it. And remember it is always good, when you bring yourself into that calm and peaceful place, your message will be something for you to do that will help you along your way, in a good way.

So my new upcoming book Adam & Eve & Heart Energy soon to be published by Balboa press is about discovering your own personal power, while experiencing the beauty of falling in love, and loving another with one’s body, mind, and spirit.

And it will help people shift into the new way of having a loving relationship that will feel healing and beautiful for all.

And so I did what I was told and I just finished a recording  of the book that I like. Always follow your Heart Energy, the power within, your Morning Messages are important. They will guide you. And I am very excited about my book.

All of Our Love Christine and The Animals