Salt of The Earth

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I am an animal communicator, I’ll just start with that so this is much easier to explain. I had a business for seven years where I taught people how to understand their animals and then come to a resolution with whatever problem they were having, Gentle Training. My business was called ‘The Pet Generation’.

I start with this so the rest will make sense. I love to drive around in the country, it’s one of the ways I get things done and let things go and figure out my next step. So I have been doing a lot of driving around lately and I have been meeting some wonderful animals along my route.

I have a couple of routes that I like. These deer are on a farm along one of my routes. Animals that live out in the country are quite a bit different than animals that live in the city, personality wise I mean. It’s just like people, city cousin, country cousin, different ways, different attitude.

So I love these deer, or I am assuming they are deer, they may have a special name. But they are not always out so it is always a treat when I see them. And they usually stay pretty far away from the fence bordering the road so they are usually pretty far away, like in the picture.

But today as I was driving along they were close up to the fence, I was going VERY SLOW and kind of moved into the middle of the road by mistake to look at this one deer that was sitting right up against the fence. He just looked at me, very briefly, and said “Really keep it together your on the road”, and then looked away. It was very salt of the earth. No upset, no drama, or quick movement to get away from the fence. Just a calm come on now keep it together, what you’ve never seen a deer before, we’ve seen you here before.

It was kind of beautiful, pretty funny and very country like, come on now this is the way it is keep it together, it was Absolutely Wonderful. I’m working on that kind of peace of mind in my own life. The Animals are wonderful teachers.

All Our Love Christine and The Animals